Sub-contracting under other Coops


A major benefit to being part of a community of coops is that it smooths out contracting - surplus of work can be re-distrubuted to excellent humans.

This is great for small coops who have not enough work or too much work.
It’s also great for clients contacting the coops in the collective - they get guaranteed service and don’t need to be concerned with availability.

Sharing work raises a bunch of questions. I see two broad cases:
(A) the whole lead is passed to another coop (see bun protocol)
(B) a coop sub-contracts people from another coop


This thread is about (B) sub-contracting

I’d love to hear about :

  • people’s experiences sub-contracting
  • the values that are relevant for you here

From my own experience, I’ve done a lot of work as a solo +1 on other people’s contracts. It’s a great way to work.

Doing the same but being part of a coop has added complications. Here’ are some notes from a retro on sub-contracting with our neighbouring coop, Root Systems.

We had a great time. A couple of choice pains + learnings :

  • onboarding into the host coop’s (values | preferred systems | processes) is key
  • discussing :moneybag: clearly and early saves a lot
  • know who to escelate out of scope problems to in the host coop :+1:

The values on the top of my mind are:

  • Clarity about money dealings is non-negotiable
  • I prefer rhythms + patterns over repeated negotiation
  • I want all coops to build their buffers (resiliency)