CoTech Space4 gathering 29-30th November 2018


Ha! Sorry I don’t have a better suggestion other than the recent thread on this and the conclusion to that seems to be that LimeSurvey CE would the the thing to use, it looks like it would only be a 5 minute job to install a copy to, for example, but then you would need to follow the instructions to create a survey — if you are willing to do that and think that this is a tool that would be useful for other CoTech surveys (and perhaps for other things?), in the future, then I’d be happy to set it up, but it might not be worth it for one survey…?


Hey @chris - I think it may well be useful for other CoTech surveys and perhaps for other CoTech members to use. I often end up using SurveyMonkey and then wish we had something open source and self hosted, but haven’t had the time or energy to try LimeSurvey CE
If you do set one up, I’d be happy to take itt for a spin!


OK, try this:

The admin interface looks OK, I have created accounts for you and @polly and given you both all the rights.

Currently it is set to use PHP email, which should be fine for outgoing, if it needs incoming I’ll have to configure a IMAP account for it — let me know if that looks like it is needed.


I get this:

The following surveys are available:

Please contact Administrator ( ) for further assistance.

But I can’t see where to log in or anything.



The admin interface is at /admin sorry this isn’t clear.


What’s my username @chris ?
I’ve tried resetting my password with my email address as the username, and just my name, but I’ve not received an email to resest the password so far.


It is finn, check your spam folder, that is where the email to Polly was filtered…


WOW! I have almost lost the will to live.

But here y’all go. One open source feedback survey:

Feedback much appreciated. Thanks!


Sorry it was so painful, the resulting form seems OK though?

It might be worth emailing the URL to everybody who signed up for the event using Eventbright in case people don’t come across it in this thread.


@chris yes good idea thanks.

If people could write their name and co-op in one of the fields that would be amazing. It doesn’t seem to be collecting emails and now that I’ve published it I don’t seem to be able to add a question.

I imagine all these things are possible but I think I’ll have a nervous breakdown if I look at it any longer. Sorry.


You are right, since it has started a field can’t be added, but I have added the question “What is your name and which co-op are you from?” to the first form field. I have also ticked for it to be listed on the front page of the site.

I haven’t set a survey up using LimeSurvey before but if you want to use it again feel free to let me know the questions and I’ll give creating one a go — this wasn’t supposed to make your life harder :frowning:

I guess we should close it a week today or so? Five people apart from me appear to have completed the survey so it seems to be working…


I filled it in, Polly, very soon after you posted. Sorry about the lack of name – you can probably tell that it’s mine, though. :slight_smile:


I filled in for Webarchitects, I can’t remember but … doesn’t it ask your name?
There’s also a question which is ambiguous IMHO - see my respnses for details
Cheers :slight_smile:


Thanks very much @chris you’re a star!! Sorry for throwing a hissy fit. I don’t really mind, it’s good to try/learn new things. It’s just frustrating when capitalism does it better :wink:

Enjoy your weekends!!!


This survey has:

Total responses 30
Incomplete responses 13
Full responses 17

I guess we might as well close it now, or is there anyone else who wishes to complete it?