FOSS Survey/questionnaire tools available in cloud

We need to create an online survey. We want to use free open source software (not Survey Monkey, not Google). Interesting candidate applications include LimeSurvey and JDeSurvey, but we don’t want to install the survey software ourselves.

Do any of you know of anyone providing a service on the web that would allow us to create a survey using FOSS tools?


I don’t know of such a service, but if you pick a Free software web based survey program that only uses the resources available on our shared hosting (PHP, MySQL, Composer, Yarn, Node, git etc) then we could host it for you for £100 a year:

If the setup can be done in less than half an hour we would also install it for you at no cost.

If the application needs a more complex hosting environment (for example if things like Postgres, Java, Ruby or Redis etc are needed…) then a virtual server would be required and the host of that would probably make it a non-viable option.

We have used Quick Survey deployed on a Sandstorm server before that we self host:

I threw up a demo instance (what they call a “grain”):

Here is a link to edit the survey:

Here is a link to fill it out:

If this way of doing things is more your thing, we can set it up in 10 seconds :smile: (well you can do it yourself if you had an account). The results can be downloaded in csv format.

We’ve used as a front-end survey framework, and it’s also available as a service. If you want it full FOSS you could, for example, save the json responses into Mongo or a PostGres BSON field and query it directly.

We used it because a client needed to be able to create their own surveys, and it comes with an integrated survey builder. One of the main advantages is that the survey builder outputs (and loads) a canonical JSON format that can express pretty much any survey, and has a similarly declarative answer format for each question type.

Ahem. I got confused and accidentally edited the survey thinking I was responding - sorry!

Can’t remember what it said originally now.

Impressively quick to set up, but kinda clunky in some ways.

haha, yes you changed the title of your survey to your name :laughing:

It’s so cool that there’s three distinct solutions been suggested already! This is why you should go co-op and get off the megacorp tech folks.

Impressively quick to set up, but kinda clunky in some ways.

Yeh it’s no match for a custom solution but for a quick easy survey, it has been fine. You could customise the design if required but it would require repackaging it.

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How about lime survey? It’s a PHP application

As a coder, I really like the look of the surveyjs library. But I’m looking for something that allows a non-coder to build the survey. But very interesting to know that this lib is there, for some other time, maybe …

Yes - LimeSurvey looks like it would do the job, but I don’t want to spend time installing it. Ideally, I’d like to find something that is provided by a co-op and is available right now in the cloud for a non-coder to create and deploy a survey. LimeSurvey do offer a hosted option, which we are checking out.

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Hi Matt

Well we’d (MediaBlaze Hosts) would be happy to host lime survey for you

Let me know if you want pricing