CoTech Space4 gathering 29-30th November 2018


Hey all - any chance we can get a summary of the teams and what broad things they’ll be up to on the Wiki?

I can’t seem to find a definite list on here…


Howdy, I said I’d run a session on CoTech collaborations; what has worked in the past, what issues have come up, and what would make it easier in the future.

SO - I would like to take the 4pm slot for this on Friday if that’s OK - looks free… anyone interested can also talk with me at 11am on the Thursday to see if there’s any info we need to get from people in advance to make this work better!

ALSO - if you have been involved in a CoTech collaboration, I’d like to hear from you! If you can be there on the Friday then great, and if you can’t then I can do my best to download info from you beforehand.

Coop love


@Polly - The eventbrite link
is getting the message:

Whoops, the page or event you are looking for was not found.


Hi Bill, yes sorry there was a problem with the first link (thought I’d deleted all references to it!). Here is the proper one:


Hey @chris

We now have 41 people signed up. I was having a think over the weekend about how much I’d suggest putting in and I was thinking around £40/head for people coming from you co-ops (that should cover meals x 2 + a few beers), then plus anything else you can contribute which will go towards subsidising other co-ops or extra beers etc.



That’s great, thanks @toml - I’ve put you in for the Friday 4pm session. I’ve not put the Thursday 11am session on the timetable as I imagine this to just be people coming and chatting with you informally. But let me know if you’d like me to put it on there (or feel free to add if you have wiki access). Ta.


Hi Alex,

There is already a list of all the teams on the wiki, and I’ve just updated the links for those which didn’t have them before. The links come back to this forum, where there is a thread for each of the teams. You can also see this list higher up on this thread here. The title of each hack pretty much sums up what it will do.

I’m personally reluctant to write a summary of each hack, because each team has been discussing the details of what they will focus on on this forum and offline too, and I don’t want to oversimplify or be inaccurate about what their parameters are. I’ll invite the people who have been most active in preparing the sessions to outline the parameters and plans of the team first thing on the Thursday morning.

If anyone who is ‘leading’ a hack would like to put up a summary on the wiki that’s of course fine by me.



Just to reiterate that on the Thursday night we will be inviting people to hang around at Space4 until 10-11 or so. We’ll have some beers and food etc. If anyone would like to invite people feel free. We’ve invited a few people from our wider network - just people who are sympathisers and collaborators with CoTech.


Yes, looking forward to seeing everyone.

I’ve not had chance to give it much thought (I’m only now looking at trains and hotels), but thinking predominantly the Governance and Membership, but may change when I arrive and look into some of the small discussions/sessions. Getting more collaboration between CoTech as sounds good too.

What’s the plan for the Friday, will it all be wrapped up and everyone on their way, or are we best to book the accommodation for 2 nights as there’ll be continued discussion/drinks after the Friday session?


I’m staying in London for Friday night, I would hope that one or two
people would be on for a pint.


We are coming mob happy from Aptivate - should have 9 of us there - and happy to put money in!


Hi guys and gals,

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make the gathering, however hopefully I will be able to dial in thanks to @polly
Look forward to hearing what you guys have to say.


Just me coming from Autonomic I’m afraid. Bad timing for us.


I will be heading down for the drinks this evening! Hope that is cool!


Of course it is, looking forward to seeing you and catching up :slight_smile:


Hi all, I am the sociologist from Umeå University, doing research on cooperatives and their everyday working lives in Sweden, the UK, and Spain (where I live). My research question is whether cooperatives can be an alternative to ordinary businesses. In other words, can they keep their visions alive and kicking through all the problems and conflicts that arise in the everyday work. I have spent two fantastic weeks at outlandish and two great and insightful days at the hack meeting in Space4. It would be very useful for my research if everybody would send me a minimum of one sentence what the vision is they are pursuing by working in a cooperative. You can send it to my email:, or post it here. I will provide feedback of the answers and send the texts that I publish to everybody who takes part. In my publications I always keep the organisations/people who take part in the research anonymous. Thank you for your cooperation. Thank you for a great time in London and thank you in advance for your answers, nora


Dropped you a mail @Elnura. Hope you get some good feedback. Important stuff.


Hey everyone,

I made a feedback form for everyone to fill out about the event:

Would really appreciate at least one answer per co-op and ideally more, so we can make it even better next time!



After logging into Google (ug…), I get:


Perhaps there is a setting you need to change?


Hmmm. Annoying. Popping out now and can’t work it out so I’ll sort it this afternoon.

Is there an open source form thing that I should be using? I looked into it and it seems that Nextcloud doesn’t offer a form builder (ug…) :wink: