Co-Tech Glasgow 2022

Co-Tech - Glasgow Autumn Gathering 2022

10-11th November 2022Autumn Meeting for tech/digital worker co-ops

Tickets are now on sale at EventBrite, programme details in development — please add any session proposals with your name attached to the wiki page for the event, if you have any questions please post them to the forum thread for the event.


This sounds very exciting!

I don’t think you need to have a vote to organise a gathering or any other event. Just do it, as they say :slight_smile:. We only really use loomio to make “member decisions” such as approving a new member joining, or changing the CoTech constitution.

You can use Loomio to ask the contributers to the CoTech fund to approve some budget for the event. Let me or @SzczepanOfAnimorph, for example, know if you’d like to do that and we can help.

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Sounds great :partying_face: :+1:

I might be able to help with something, could you post a list of things that people outside Glasgow could help with when you are in a position to do so?

I would love that! I am always up for a trip to Glasgow <3

Hooray! Thanks Chris. I’ll send a list when I get back from holiday next month.

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Great! Looking forward to welcoming you here.

Chris - one immediate thing: I’m not sure where best to post about this - is this the best place … or should I put something on Loomio?

OK, got it. Cheers Chris.
We’ll work out costs and think about budget next month once we’ve identified a venue and we’ll almost certainly be talking to you about the CoTech fund then.

Ignore the Loomio question, just spotted your earlier note on it!

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I’d be well up for this :blush:

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Also up for it, and let me know how I can help @Louise

(do you think you might need a reggae sound system :laughing: ? )


Reggae sound system sounds awesome @maria!

We’ve been thinking about venues ideas in Glasgow and started reaching out to some, also open to suggestions if anyone has any ideas?

We could do an optional outing/trip like we did in Birmingham where we visited a few other co-ops. If anyone has any tips on planning from past co-techs that would be handy :slight_smile:

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I’d suggest having a chat with @polly about this.

Can I request that this is organised for any month other than June, as I have a yearly family event. Really wouldn’t want to miss out on coming to Scotland :relaxed:

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Mid-November 2022 is the plan I believe, I can probably give you a lift there :slight_smile: .

Awesome November works for me, thanks Chris :blush:

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It works for us too, looking forward to it!


There is now a poll for some dates in November here: CoTech Gathering Glasgow Nov 2022

We’ve found some good venues but we can’t book the spaces until we get more of an idea of numbers.


I’d be tempted to try and sell some “early bird” tickets - it’ll help to cover some of the costs and force people to commit to the dates/give you an idea of numbers. I appreciate we haven’t done that so much before, but it’s tricky to rely on the fund to cover all the costs when they’re very unpredictable (the recent birmingham gathering had some understandable issues with overspend because numbers were hard to estimate).


Just voted - looking forward to it.

@Tucker I’d be really up for chatting about how I’ve organised things in the past. The main thing that I’d say is that doing some telephoning round is a good way of getting interest and getting people along. Not all the co-ops are very active here and I reckon everyone has bursting inboxes so a quick call was pretty effective.

Also, asking people in advance to prepare sessions and tell people what they’re going to be about, so that people arrive at the gathering with an idea of what they’ll be working on or talking about, and with whom.

I wasn’t able to make the most recent gathering sadly, but I know that certainly from previous ones there was work done (like some new web copy and designs) which never got implemented. It might be worth speaking to everyone about what stuff might be nearly-ready so that we can use the time in Glasgow to, e.g. push changes to the live site, rather than starting afresh or spending time remembering where we got up to.

I’m very happy to help where I can if you would like that (though I’m sure you’ll be fine too - there are many different ways to do this!!). Maybe email or call me for a chat?

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