Co-Tech Glasgow 2022

Cool. I’ve added some slots for people to work on the website. I’ll be trying to dedicate my time to that when I’m not in other sessions.

I am hoping to have a call with @Ben to catch up on where we got to last time, so we’re not starting from scratch. It would be great if people could come with ideas and inspiration to hit the ground running. If anyone wants to have a call in advance to get up to speed let me know.

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I think @maria and I are going to find a place to have a welcome dinner on the Wednesday night. Probably a curry as they are legendary in Glasgow. Who would like to join?

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Sound like a good plan, I’d be on for a curry, depending on what time myself and @liam get to Glasgow.

Come to media co-op.
Lots of desk space, brewery downstairs!

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Thanks for organising - I’ve asked Vilte to expedite the list of recommended places to eat to include curries and post it soon.

Me and Lucinda and possibly Jenni will come along.

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@Louise will there be any projectors available? I could do with one for the Ansible session.

Would any members be prepared do sponsor drinks on Thursday evening or to chip in - or should we use the Co-Tech Fund for this?
Yesterday we had just covered our basic costs so there may be some margin we can use for drinks at the Thursday evening social as folk are still signing up … but I don’t think the margin will cover the full bar bill for the evening.

Any proposals / suggestions welcome.

Even more welcome: if anyone would like to take on to manage this very specific aspect of the event that would be very helpful and much appreciated!

Any lifts still going? I’m travelling from Birmingham. Currently not much clue how to get there with the strikes because the train company isn’t releasing any tickets.

I’m driving from Sheffield, via Manchester, first thing on Wednesday morning if that helps at all?

I’m afraid the only suggestion I have regarding drinks is to suggest people buy their own, I think this is what we did at the last gathering in Birmingham.

I’m all booked up now - looking forward to seeing you all.


I’m getting the 06:38AM train from Stevenage on Thursday 10th, it gets into Glasgow Queen Street at 12:35, changing at Edinburgh. It’s a shame to be missing the morning but looking forward to seeing you all. If there are any southerners affected by the train strike feel free to join me, will be glad to have the company

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Sadly I can’t make it this time, hopefully see you in the next one!
It would be great if someone can post their notes of these sessions:

  • Co-Tech members share their stories about getting from initial inspiration to tech workers’ co-op

  • Financing ambitious worker co-op tech projects: the inward investment/ownership dilemma

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it!

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Sorry you can’t make it this time - we’ll try to capture as much as we can to share afterwards. If you ever come to Glasgow, let us know here at media co-op we’d love to meet you and show you round our fab city :slight_smile:

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This might make it easier for people to get to Glasgow next week — the rail strike has been called off:

04 Nov 2022

RMT suspends strikes after securing intensive negotiations with rail bosses.

However the RMT website doesn’t appear to be able to cope with the traffic it is getting, the article about this doesn’t load for me.

Here’s a screenshot from BBC news
Screenshot_20221104-160931_BBC News

We’ve organised a field trip on the Friday afternoon of Co-Tech Glasgow for anyone interested in our co-operative history in Glasgow:

Glasgow Museums has a collection of approximately 1,000 objects related to the Glasgow Co-operative Movement and Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society dating from 1863.
The collection includes furniture, ceramics, banners, photographs and booklets. It also holds jars, bottles, tins, clothing, shoes, food packaging, leather goods and share books, in addition to booklets, leaflets, certificates, badges, trophies, yearbooks, tokens, a television and a car body.

Glasgow was closely associated with the development of the co-operative movement in Scotland.
Co-operative societies aimed to provide members with good quality products at affordable prices and pay them a regular dividend. The SCWS became an integral part of daily life for the majority of working class Scots. It was a major employer, manufacturer and retailer and provided welfare and banking through the share system. Co-operative societies also provided social, education and leisure opportunities through a network of clubs, choirs and women’s guilds.
It’s max 15 people so we’ll organise sign up on Thursday. We can travel out there together on public transport


Hi - to date, it looks like we’ll have a surplus of around £600 from the budget. I’d like to propose we put this behind the bar for the social evening so the entire evening is free to all.
This won’t go far though, as we’re also inviting folk who come along to the Open Session and some other local co-ops such as Green City who are organising the music/DJ-ing, so could we consider putting in a contribution from the Co-Tech fund as it’s Co-Tech hosted?


Best check with @chrislowis regarding the use of the fund.

Here’s how you could propose to spend money from the Fund - cotech / fund · GitLab

Historically people were not very keen on supporting party-related spending (particularly %%%) so might need careful phrasing!

Very excited to see you all this week!

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