CoTech Nextcloud Talk


I have written an Ansible role to install a TURN (Traversal Using Relay NAT) server which, in theory, should allow the use of the Nextcloud Talk app, which does one-to-one and group video / audio conferencing and which is installed on, to be used to communicate between two computers when they are both on NAT’ed (Network Address Translation) networks, I haven’t tested this yet… if anyone would like to have a play with it let me know and we can try it out, you can find it at this URL:


I love this. Happy to help test.


Really cool stuff, just went on it, perhaps we could organise a meet up to test?


I’m up for that. (adds more characters to get past filter)


Maybe one of the CoTech Community Calls @laura ?


Let’s test before we go wild. @chris and I haven’t yet had a positive result


I’m online now if you want to try it out…


I was there later in the afternoon, I PM-ed you, get in touch when you feel like giving it a go


not sure which “nextcloud” thread to post this in but… “talk” seems general enough so hopefully this wont upset anyone!

I just want to make sure no-one is reinventing the wheel here - as other co-op groups are working on similar co-op tech… see


I know people at both if you would me to put you in touch…



Apologies - busy now. I’ll ping you when I get a window.


Hi @olisb - thanks for the links. In fact I think this thread is about getting the Talk app working on the CoTech Nextcloud instance, but no matter.


I think we are installing software here rather than building it (which the initiatives you shared seem to be). Agree there are many good efforts in that area that we should join rather than duplicate.


I fixed a stupid typo in the turnserver.conf template earlier today and have regenerated the config and restarted the coturn server so it is possible that Nextcloud Talk at might work now…


Nice. Looks like CommonsCloud are just using NextCloud, Discourse and WeKan - I wonder how much work (if any) they’ve done to integrate them so they all play nicely together.

Aral told me about plans when I most recently met him at a conference in Brussels but I hadn’t seen the site yet so good to see it starting to come together :slight_smile:


BTW, looking for more about CommonsCloud I stumbled across @ntnsndr’s nice list of similar initiatives here :slight_smile: