CoTech Nextcloud Talk


I’m not formally a member of CoTech yet (although just started the process and @chrislowis will be started a proposal for United Diversity to join in Loomio soon, probably Monday) , but would love to have a play around with NextCloud if you’re able to create me an account @chris? :slight_smile:


Done, on the basis that it seems inconceivable to me that your co-op won’t be imminently be a formal member of CoTech :slight_smile: .


I have used NextCloud talk a couple of time now and it seems to work really well. Let’s give it a go.


Gnome has just migrated to a self hosted GitLab and the only good options were Phabricator and GitLab and as part of this they produced a GitLab/Phabricator Feature Matrix, see their Development Infrastructure Evaluation for more detail.