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Hey starting this thread to collect and share all examples of CoTech members being featured in the press and media. These are starting to pick up and here at Outlandish we’ve certainly had lots of people coming along and saying that they’ve seen us featured in Wired etc.

If you’re speaking to journalists or being featured please share links here :slight_smile: Don’t forget to mention CoTech if the piece is about your organisation or a project more narrowly.

Latest article is here:

And here are links to some older recent ones:

Please add your ones here below. Ta!


See also this thread Harry started last year:

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We should collect all the nice coverage that we get in the press/on the web/from happy clients - might be a good way to get funding or win pitches in future.

We also seem to be one of the main stories from this years Co-ops UK report so it’s as good a time to start as any:

A growing wave of tech startups is boosting the UK co-op movement

Young digital workers lead a surge in co-operatives

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Who are these “young” digital workers? :slight_smile:

There is also a A Bookmark Thread that got started where links to media/articles on cooperatives could be posted … But that was not meant to be exclusively co-tech ?

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June 2018 Sheffield local magazine article enthusing about co-operation, as against capitalism. Mention given to Webarchitects (disclaimer: it was written by a member of Webarchitects, me!)

We (specifically @chris and myself) are in the Times this morning: “The co-op movement is only beginning to see the potential of open source software to strengthen its values of democracy, equality and autonomy”. Courtesy of the excellent Hazel Sheffield who writes about the co-operative/social economy for various papers and magazines.


Good work both, I came across it in the paper this morning. Hazel S is doing a job for us!

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Didn’t have you down as a Times reader Sion. More left wing that the Guardian these days I guess… Everyone should check out and support / - she’s doing a great job of reporting on actually-new things happening in the collaborative economy.

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can someone with a Times account save it out as a PDF so we can all have a read?

Following is a jpeg image of the paper version of the article, I don’t have a PDF:


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A great piece. I’d be very interested to learn of any outcomes from this article.

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Don’t want to give Google your data_ Time to co-operate _ Business _ The Times.pdf (181.9 KB)


I didn’t need to pay, just registered for an account and then had access.

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+1 her project is awesome. Going to be meeting up with her soon to discuss collaborating on systematically spreading good stories about co-ops etc :slight_smile:

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This is off-topic, but um, not if you include articles like this (subtitle is “Trump, Putin, Erdogan and Duterte are unpalatable demagogues in many ways but at least they get things done”):