Media coverage, testimonials, etc

We should collect all the nice coverage that we get in the press/on the web/from happy clients - might be a good way to get funding or win pitches in future.

We also seem to be one of the main stories from this years Co-ops UK report so it’s as good a time to start as any:

A growing wave of tech startups is boosting the UK co-op movement

Young digital workers lead a surge in co-operatives


Hey starting this thread to collect and share all examples of CoTech members being featured in the press and media. These are starting to pick up and here at Outlandish we’ve certainly had lots of people coming along and saying that they’ve seen us featured in Wired etc.

If you’re speaking to journalists or being featured please share links here :slight_smile: Don’t forget to mention CoTech if the piece is about your organisation or a project more narrowly.

Latest article is here:

And here are links to some older recent ones:

Please add your ones here below. Ta!

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The Times - mentioning CoTech, Outlandish and WebArchitects

Wired - mentioning CoTech, Blake House, Go Free Range, Outlandish, Animorph and others (repeated from above 'cos its cool and didn’t get a little feature image from Discourse before: