CoTech General Circle Call 26/01/2022

Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Meeting ID: 825 4145 9930
Passcode: 314918

  1. Capacity Check-in
  2. Possibility of Birmingham Gathering in May
  3. Cotech Proposals

Anyone else want to add stuff?


Thanks @KingMob for kicking things off for 2022!

Note that the Workers Coop Weekend and the Conference on union-coops are also taking place in May so another month might be better for a gathering.

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Oooooh I can make this! See you tomorrow.


I’m afraid that I have to give my apologies for the meeting tomorrow, if any notes from the call could be added to the wiki that would be appreciated, I hope it goes well.

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Nice one, thanks for setting up, see you tomorrow! :space_invader:

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@polly @SzczepanOfAnimorph am I in a different link or something?

am I speaking to a different John?

Thanks for coming, nice to zoomeet you @patcon , notes from call here: Circle Call 2022-01-26 - CoTech

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Thanks for letting me hang out! Was nice seeing all your faces

Re: Using polis for async decision-support (NOT decision-making). Polis works for helping everyone understand one another’s needs, including the emotions and fuzzy sensibilities we bring to disagreements, not just the facts.

Explanatory video for facilitators considering using it:

The living polis “conversation” explored in the video: Polis

(Please do NOT submit agree/disagree/pass votes or new comments, just click around and explore the visualization itself. It’s a living artifact from a public consultation that is not intended to be used by non-stakeholders or found through Google. I like to encourage people to take a page from Star Fleet’s Prime Directive of non-intervention when visiting someone else’s Polis conversation :slight_smile: )


Is there anyone around for a call this afternoon?

Could do, but not got anything to say

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Neither :zipper_mouth_face: , will prepare something to say next month, a poem perhaps.

@kawaiipunk do you really consider organising a gathering this spring as discussed last month?