CoTech General Circle Call 24/06/2020

We had our last circle call in April, in May we held catch up e-drinks in the absence of the cancelled gathering.

Let’s continue with our monthly calls, now we can also try out the wonderful Big Blue Button with

The call will take place on Wednesday the 24th of June at 4pm. @chris already created

CoTech room

so let’s give it a shot!

Please post the items you would like to add to the agenda.

It would be great to see you all next week!


Cool! Where’s the agenda, please? :slight_smile:


Feel free to post the items here or add them on the wiki, I propose discussing CoTech and!


Hi everyone,

As some of you may remember, the Startin’blox cooperative, spinoff from the Happy Dev network, both of which I am a cofounder, has been developing an open-source and federated tool to interconnect communities together. The idea is to benefit from a strong network effect, ie. more events, more workers, more projects and more ideas at the end of our fingertips, without having to centralize data and therefore power, on a unique platform.
We name this open-source tool Hubl:

Our vision is that each organization could have its own dedicated tool, and yet interconnect with all the others. We think of Hubl as a modular skeleton, akin to Wordpress, each organization can configure and tweak to its own needs without losing contact with the rest of the world.

Hubl’s MVP is now ready. We need another two weeks to clear the remaining bugs, and I’d love to engage with you again to see if CoTech is still animated by it.
If so, then I’d be happy to setup an instance for you guys to try it out, and see together what could be a cool next step to interconnect CoTech’s cooperatives with Happy Dev, FACTTIC, and hopefully much more.

I hope this is appropriate.
Do not hesitate to point me elsewhere if you believe I’m not in the right place.
Happy to discuss it further.
Have a good day guys!


Thanks for sharing @alexbourlier, if you are still working on clearing the bugs before you can set up an instance perhaps we could discuss it next month? It might turn out challenging for CoTech members to establish a view before there is a chance to test the system (I appreciate you shared the link). Is there an md/pdf file outlining all the features of Hubl as it stands? Would you be able to drop in to the call on Wednesday? We could then add Hubl to the agenda…

Just added Fund 2020 to growing list of items on our agenda list!

The chat is pretty much battle tested. It is our only collaboration tool at Startin’blox, and Happy Dev Paris is testing it for a month now.

The next 11 days are mostly to stabilize the job board which has just been shipped into production, and catch things we might have missed on the profile directory.

List of features so far:

  1. Team chat
  2. Profile directory
  3. Job board

During the summer, we’ll release an event organizing module as well.

Documentation is up to date, but we are revamping it to make it both up to date AND sexy:

I’m definitely in on Wednesday if the is room for me!


Sounds great, I’ve added Startin’blox to the agenda.

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Starting now! That’s the link to the room.

Sorry all, my internet connection went down suddenly. Trying to figure out what’s wrong…

Would people be happy with a screenshot of the meeting being shared on Twitter?



Hi, updated the minutes from today’s call, action points under each of the agenda items, it was a great one!

Oh, damn, I had intended to make this (and added the stuff about microsolidarity to the agenda) but then completely forgot :worried: (and was actually busy with childcare too).