The Online Meeting Co-operative,

I’m happy to announce that DigidemLab /, femProcomuns / CommonsCloud and Webarchitects have established a new co-operative with the aim of providing an open source, co-operative alternative to corporate systems such as Zoom:

Other organisations are welcome to get involved.


Oh this is great! I would be certainly interested in joining and this completely overlaps with the Zoom-alternative thread here :smile:

I can imagine a federated coop like this can become an international bastion of platform cooperativism? :smile:

I think it would be nice if we can all meet (using this) and discuss ideas!

Btw, have you spoken to the original authors of BigBlueButton? My friends and I in Japan have recently looked at how to install BBB and a few unfinished docker-ization attempts left in the repositories.


Well done @chris, just emailed the address from the website, hopefully our co-op can become a member organisation. So exciting!

Could we possibly try it out on coming Friday evening for CoTech e-drinks?

We don’t yet have a BigBlueButton server up and running but as soon as one is I’ll let you know.

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Hi Chris. Would you be able to comment on the applicability / strength of Big Blue Button for live music streaming?
…at decent quality (not necessarily sync / collaborative playing!) …and an ability to easily switch from best broadcast quality back to collaborative / meetup quallity…

We here at Resonate.IS the music streaming co-op are interested in doing a good privacy-respecting job here :slight_smile:



Or maybe these remain more appropriate for streaming at quality and it is best to swap between streaming and meeting…

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@nmeyne if you want two way interaction then BigBlueButton makes sense, if you just want to broadcast then I don’t think it does.

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Thanks Chris. Agree… But I think we need both… and a means of swapping seamlessly between broadcast performance mode and audience chat / interaction mode. I think it will be clunky. :slight_smile:

:sunny: C O N G R A T S :sunny:

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We had our second weekly BBB organising meeting today with co-operators from 4 continents present and I have just setup for the co-operative to document everything.


Brilliant! Just what we need.

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As mentioned in another thread:

This Platform Cooperativism course is coming up. I think could be an excellent subject!!

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Today the Online Meeting Co-operative decided today to host the first server with Koumbit co-operative in Montreal, Canada :slight_smile:.

More information can be found on the wiki and the Online Meeting Co-operative open Discourse forum:


Last night I deployed a Online Meeting Co-operative BigBlueButton server that has open registration so people have give it a try, we should use it for the next CoTech call and I’d like to urge all the CoTech co-ops to sign up for an account and test it internally — I really want to get everyone off Zoom and onto an co-operative alternative!


Thanks for this Chris. We will give it a go!

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Thanks @alex, all the code for deploying it is here:

And if you have any feedback please post it to the forum:

Wow, just gave it an initial spin and it’s swish! Will hold Animorph general meeting on it next week and will come back with feedback.
Thanks so much for making it happen!!!

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