Cotech General Circle Call: Apr 29, 2020

Cotech General Circle Call
Time: Apr 29, 2020 04:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 994 1989 6896


Thanks! Would be great to add organising CoTech gathering online to the agenda for this call!


I agree it should be on the agenda (we should create a wiki page for the agenda?) but personally I’d probably pass on it, I posted the following to the Loomio thread discussing an online version of the Workers Co-op Weekend:

I think it is great that people are interested in doing this and if it happens I really hope it goes well, but it is the fact that I get to camp without the kids for a weekend, spend time eating some great food, chatting and drinking beers around a bonfire with awesome people, away from computers, is what makes these weekends special for me, an online version is not something I’m personally interested in, sorry.

Could we possibly be putting these into the forum calendar? We totally miss them otherwise as its sometimes hard to keep up on the forum.

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Is it not visible on your discourse calendar? I see this and the previous ones here.
Also, it’s always at 4pm, last Wed of the month!

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When I split the top topic from the last call thread I forgot to add the event listing, I added this after @kawaiipunk requested it.


I am in discussion with my friends to start a worker coop in Japan. I need to check with them first but would you mind if we join?

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We’ve had observers before, feel free to join in that capacity

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Ah sorry I should have checked the time (This would be too late for me) at least for this one, I will need to pass anyway…

Hey I’m waiting to be let into the call. Is it still happening or did I miss something??

Hey Folks,

I’m thinking that maybe John has had something come up. I’ve set something up from the Outlandish Zoom account here instead:


Here’s the minutes from our modest call this afternoon.

Let’s catch up for a digital beer, people! Perhaps on Friday 15th of May in the eve?


Friday 15th of May. Up for that :beers:

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Great, let’s meet this Friday at 6:30-7pm at

@Ieva_BlakeHouse and @simon.blakehouse are organising ‘Worker Coop Pub Quiz and Bonfire’ starting at 7pm so we can just join them if the mood is right!



SHit… we should’ve joined the CoTech call… bah
We’ll join early and have moved Pub Quiz to 8PM

How are you doing??? We’ve been thinking about you recently x