CoTech Community Call: January 25th, 3:00pm


In CoTech we trust, we shall not be afraid!


Hey Laura, thanks for that. Please do that and hopefully we’ll get the
newsletter moving (from another thread, can’t link it here, computer
says no while on the bus) and include this for sure.


A few other folks, myself included, had the same issue in Firefox. Switching to Chrome helped (this is on OS X).


Thanks @laura! I’ve done the two actions assigned to me. I made contact with Luke and started a proposal on Loomio based on everyone’s helpful input to try and move the constitution discussion on a bit.

Thanks for organising the call!


Sounds like the call was a great success :slight_smile:.

A couple of thoughts:

  1. Could someone post the notes from the pad to the wiki so they are easy to find in the future?
  2. We have discussed having a blog / news section on in the past — could we set that up and use a WordPress plugin to send the newsletter out? I have installed Email Subscribers & Newsletters for a couple of clients and it does the job well enough.

CoTech Newsletter / Blog-o-sphere

Sorry I wasn’t with you (not feeling well), sounds like it was great and thanks @dansmallaxe for doing the identity circle report. See you next time.


Heyo! Check this new thread for a link to a post about the call and a doodle: CoTech Community Call