CoTech Community Call: January 25th, 3:00pm

Hello! At Wortley Hall I discussed the possibility of having a Community Call for Network members with a couple of people. They liked the idea. How about we schedule a monthly call to stay in touch, share network relevant information and otherwise keep each other in check?

I wrote a guide to community calls for a while back, so read that for a quick understanding of what I’m proposing.

We had some Next Steps at Wortley Hall, so we could use the call to talk about progress we’ve made in the last couple months.

I propose a call on January 25th. Here’s a Doodle for timing. I’m happy to facilitate, and looking forward to hearing YOUR ideas for agenda items, you can write them right in our agenda pad.


What platform should we use for the call?

We use Mumble but it can be a little fiddly to do the inital setup:

I am fully down for this! +1 for mumble. Perhaps some video might be
nice though, especially in large groups. could be an

Ok folks - only 5 people have filled in the doodley-doo. What’s up with others? Would you all prefer a different day entirely? Which day? What time?

@kawaiipunk @decentral1se Happy to use the tech you all suggest!

I didn’t fill it is as I have young kids and between 3pm and 7pm every weekday I’m rushing home, buying food, cooking food, feeding children, feeding myself and my partner and then washing up (OK I don’t do all these things every day but I do do several of them every day)… before 3pm or after 7pm works better for me but since @jonathan can make it from Webarchitects I figured best not throw a spanner in the works if these times work for others… I’d be happy to be in on the second call if it is earlier or later.


Ah woops, didn’t see it. Filled now, seems like more there too!

Fantastic idea! I’ve filled in the poll.

I’d suggest we go for a tried and tested technology (hangouts?) for the
first calls.


Thanks for getting this going @laura, sorry for being slow to reply to the Doodle - definitely up for it, though!

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Thanks for starting to organise this, @laura. I’ve just filled in the poll.

Cheers, Chris

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Okey Dokey - we have 15 people who say they can make a call on JANUARY 25th at 3:00pm. Here’s a calendar event (hope it works :wink:

Next step, please jump into the etherpad and write down what you think we should talk about. Just write it all down, and I’ll make some sense of it and make a proper agenda for the call:

See you on the 25th!

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@decentral1se I’m liking jitsi! Let’s use it.

Our call will be here:

Morning @laura,

The calendar event doesn’t seem to work for me. It appears to try to open Google Calendar but doesn’t actually do anything.

I don’t think this is a particularly big deal given that we have all the details (date, time and links to Jitsi and the meeting notes) but I thought I’d mention it in case other people are running into this problem too.

Cheers, Chris

Argh, something important has come up and I can’t make it. Apologies folks. Please take notes if possible!

And me too! Sorry, I was looking forward to this. Also, interested in notes.

Yep, I should make it!

Sorry, I can’t make it either :frowning: sudden critical security updates to apply…

Sorry I didn’t make it, we’re in the whirlpool… Hope it went well!

Great chatting with you guys :slight_smile:

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I’ve never used Jitsi so I thought I would be able to observe and then
perhaps next time join in.

Failed to access your camera …

Screen sharing extension failed to install …

Words disappear off bottom of screen - re-sizing screen doesn’t help…

Live Streaming - “Where do I find this?” leads to help page:
which says I need a Stream Name/key and to go to creator studio,
normally by logging into YouTube account. No way, I’m not using
anything of Google’s…perhaps I’m just making it too complicated.

I’m looking at a mostly black screen with pics of participants down the
side (RoyAB, Chris Lowis, Dan, Fabian, etc.) … and occasional weird

Clearly there is a learning curve to this, and I’m at the bottom of it.

Did the conversation go ahead please?


Hello everyone!

Thanks to those who joined our first CoTech Community call just now. For those of you who couldn’t make it, have no fear. If you want to read these notes and think you’ll be able to parse them, you are welcome to do so. However, if you’d rather wait for my witty reportage, I will write a quick post that summarizes the call and explains the notes. <3