CoTech Community Call


We had our first CoTech Community Call! It was great.

Please read this post, it covers the conversation:

We want to do it every month. We decided the call will happen in the 4th week, but are looking for the best DAY and TIME. We’re trying to determine “the best time for the most people is the 4th Tuesday at 3pm” or whatever?

The poll is for February, but this will be for all future calls. Please choose your day and choose your time:

(PS: @chris I linked out from the wiki for now

CoTech Community Call: January 25th, 3:00pm

Nice one! Thanks for writing that up.

Filled out the doodle, will get on the next one for sure.


Remember everyone, the Doodle is just picking a day and a time. Ignore the February dates. We’re trying to figure out what is GENERALLY a good day/time for people in the fourth week of the month.


There’s only nine participants in the doodle, but there were 15 or 16 of us in the call, I thought. We DO want to have a monthly call, which day of the week is good for you? What time? Current favorites are Tuesdays or Wednesdays at 4pm, close behind is Thursdays at 4pm.

I’m guessing the call is happening at 4pm, but which day! Vote, or you’ll have no say :wink:

2018 Wortley Hall (or wherever): Planning inside CoTech

Hola! CoTech Community Calls will be the 4th week of each month on Wednesday at 4pm.

The next CoTech Community call for February 28, Wednesday at 4pm.

Calendar Invite

We now have a wiki page, so I added to the agenda what exactly we should do with call notes.

Add you agenda items to the pad here:

We can discuss whatever you like in the lead up to the call on the 28th. Might be good to get into the habit of sharing documents or anything you’d like to talk about so that people have a chance to review stuff before each call.

Any questions, ideas or concerns, put them here or ping me directly! Looking forward to catching up with everyone.


@lwm I added Wortley Hall 2018 to the agenda. From this thread.