Coordinator Proposal Working Group

Hello, posting this as the first step in forming the cotech coordinator proposal working group, as agreed at the gathering last week. (Proposal here: Autumn Gathering 2021 - CoTech )

Do you want to be in the working group? It means you’ll get to do work on some proposals.

If yes, when do you want to meet? In the proposal it says the group meets weekly.

How do you want to work?

I suggest we create a project board, and then spend an hour a week breaking down tasks, checking in and handing them out. Then work on tasks asynchronously.

What if I don’t want to join the group, but want to view the ongoing progress ahead of the next gathering? I think the best move is to check in on the group’s work on the wiki.


Feedback loop with the monthly CoTech call and/or on the forum?

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Thanks for sorting this John!

As per the decision, I’m in the mix for this group. Happy to use here to co-ordinate the particulars.

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Considering we are mandated to meet once a week and I believe in keeping promises, how is your calendar looking for midday tomorrow @KingMob?

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I’m free tomorrow at midday, a call from 12-1pm works for me. I have to leave the house at 2pm.

Good work folks, thanks for sorting it out (you should definitely feel free to choose a schedule that works for you!)

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Cool. Let’s chat at midday.

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Cotech Coordinator Proposal WG
Time: Oct 8, 2021 12:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 889 9656 1642
Passcode: 338150

Outcome from the meeting!

Created some wiki pages:

Created a project board:

Next meeting is 12pm 15th October. Attend if you want a task or to berate us for doing things wrong

Cordinator Proposal WG Meeting
Time: Oct 15, 2021 12:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 821 9854 7296
Passcode: 194174


Had another meeting!

Came up with a Road Map for getting the various proposals sorted out.

Here’s a link to said roadmap:

I’ll be emailing that out later as well.

As ever, find out meeting notes here: CoTech Coordinator Working Group/Meeting Notes - CoTech

Next meeting is 12pm on 22nd October.

Zoom invite below, join if you would like to take a task, or take us to task for doing it wrong

Cotech Coordinator Proposal
Time: Oct 22, 2021 12:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Meeting ID: 899 7858 6051
Passcode: 794301

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I just joined and I’m the only one there… anyone else on their way?

Thanks Chris, good call.

For others, we talked about the updated member’s list on the wiki, and about the legal entity that cotech might need in order to employ someone.

WG meeting was pushed back to 2pm

Cotech Coordinator Proposal WG
Time: Oct 22, 2021 02:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Meeting ID: 848 8176 3988
Passcode: 993244

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I’m excited about the potential of having a CoTech network co-ordinator

I think it’s important to keep commerce and the commons distinct*, meaning that I think that client-facing tasks, commercial co-ordination and perhaps co-ordination around the gatherings would be a very welcome addition to the network

Recent collaborative efforts like the shared infrastructure, propaganda working group and initially the newsletter have been kept out of contractural/exchange-based relationships, and they’re thriving. Of course facilitating these collaborations could be great as well, e.g. by giving prompts for people to contribute, but I’d like to clarify that we wouldn’t want to centralise the administration of these other aspects of CoTech’s activity

*Reading recommendation: Free, Fair and Alive: The Power of the Commons. This is a pattern rather than a rule



I’ve sent emails organising the first feedback session for the Cotech Coordinator Proposals.

If you didn’t get an email but would like to be in a feedback session for the proposals, please reply here or contact me directly and I will work on including you!

I have also updated the coordinator proposals wiki page with new pages for each proposal! Thanks to everyone so far who has engaged with the process, I’ve tried to include all the feedback that we’ve already had, but if I’ve left something out, let me know.

Here is the link to the page: CoTech Coordinator Working Group - CoTech

And links to particular proposals:

Incorporation: CoTech Coordinator Working Group/Proposals/Incorporation - CoTech

Funding: CoTech Coordinator Working Group/Proposals/Funding - CoTech

Role Outline: CoTech Coordinator Working Group/Proposals/Coordinator Role Outline - CoTech

The aim is to pass these proposals at a gathering in Birmingham in 2 months time! We need your concerns, aspirations and idle thoughts NOW!


related: the new worker co-op federal is diving straight into a paid organiser position:

Callout for expressions of interest - Google Docs

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