Road Map For Cotech Coordinator Proposal

If reading this thread is you entering this stream for the first time, welcome! At the last Cotech gathering in September, we voted to create a WG that would draft proposals to allow for a paid cotech coordinator. Here is the thread on the cotech forum where we’re feeding back to the group: Coordinator Proposal Working Group - #10 by KingMob . Here is the wiki page for the group: CoTech Coordinator Working Group - CoTech. It would be very helpful if you could share that this is going on with other people you think haven’t heard about this yet.

Coordinator Proposal WG have created a roadmap for drafting the cotech coordinator and related proposals then getting feedback on them. Here is the roadmap: CoTech Coordinator Working Group/Proposal Road Map - CoTech

tldr: we’ll be convening 8 sessions with representatives from 5 coops at each one and aiming to have synthesised all the feedback by 25th March 2022. We’re aiming to run a session every two week starting from the 5th November.

Let me know what you think of the roadmap, especially if it doesn’t make sense or seems inadequate.