Co-Tech Glasgow 2022

Hi @polly,

Thank you that’s so helpful. If you are up for a call that would be amazing.

Would you be up for a Zoom call on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon? Another member of our team, @Louise would love to join as well.

Let me know if you fancy it.

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Hey Sarah,

I’ve emailed you - hopefully you got it!


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Are the dates 10-11 November set?

How are people from the South East planning on getting up to Glasgow or is it too early to start thinking about that? :slightly_smiling_face:

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If the Co-op’s in Glasgow are interested in accessing Net Zero funding, this event is taking place in September,


4 or 5 of us coming from Code-Operative! I guess we love CoTech :grin:


Hi, late to the thread but 1 person from DCR coming

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Hi @chris do you know how to change the blue banner at the top of the Discourse page? Also wondered if I could pick your brain on how to set up a wiki page for the event, I’ve never done one before

What I’d suggest we do is make the top post in this thread a “wiki” post, in other words editable, so you can put some event details in it and then we can pin it so that the first part of it appears as the top post on the front page, does that make sense?

I’ve created an account for you on the wiki (you should have a email with login details) and also a page for the event, let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

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I’m coming for sure and pretty sure we’ll get a few others from Outlandish. @calummackervoy I reckon we’d get the train so that people have flexibility of when they arrive etc.

I’d be up for exploring big house options though?


I had a look on AirBnB and didn’t see anything too promising, either far away or few on beds. Booking a dormitory or two in a hostel looked promising though?

I think I’ll be getting the train to Stevenage on the way back so might be able to travel with youse, on the way there I’m planning on going a couple of days earlier to visit family

Is it confirmed for the 10th-11th November??

Yes. Definitely!

But I have to finalise the ticking proposal for Co-Tech. Lots of institutional enthusiasm but I’ve been failing to get support - largely to do with the time of year we’re trying to raise money - so the decision this week is that it’s back to tiered ticketing. Would you be around on Friday or Monday next week as a sounding board on the ticketing proposal?

Sorry it’s gone quiet from us. We’ve been working flat out on the worker co-op event in Scotland which is coming up before Co-Tech and goes live on Monday morning.
But I’ve booked the venue and catering, and Sarah is going to get a banner up shortly about it; and another member will be taking on the evening social on Thursday.

We should be able to send out a call to other coops to offer a room to anyone who can’t get/afford accommodation in Glasgow but I’ll need to sort that out with another co-operator here in Green City once he’s back from his holiday.

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Amazing, thank you so much @chris

No problem, the top post in this thread is now editable, let me know if you need any help with editing it or with editing the wiki page.

Yes for sure. Email/call me. Afternoons are best.