Travel to Wortley Hall for London-based CoTech-ers



I previously sent this message out via email to the CoTech mailing list address but have added it here for extra exposure.

The CoTech retreat is fast approaching and I am in the process of booking a coach to and from Wortley Hall.

From the Outlandish office we have 10 people requiring travel to Sheffield and 9 people coming back, but if anyone else would like to join us then we can book a larger coach (currently opting for the 13-seater).

If you would like to join us then Outlandish will not be paying for the additional seats and so you will have to pay for these yourselves. The exact cost will depend on how many people will be coming and what size coach we end up getting, but preliminary estimates are around £5 per person per trip.

I had hoped to get this sorted by today (Friday) although unfortunately I haven’t been very on the ball, but if you would like to join the Party Bus™ then could you please let me know by Tuesday (21/11) 3PM at the latest, either by responding on here or to

Thanks all,



Hi Oskar,
Thanks for this, I might be interested. What date/time will the bus be travlling up and down?
Many thanks,


Sorry, forgot to mention actual travel details.

We will aim to leave London at 9.30am on Monday 27th, and leave Wortley Hall on Wednesday 29th at 12.00pm.



Hey up team, I’ll be driving to Wortley hall from Colne (BB8), so if anyone wants a lift from around that area let me know, or I can pick up if you’re kinda en-route. Looking forward to it!


*** That was supposed to be Thursday. Monday to Thursday.


Hi Oskar

I’d like to join your bus for both legs, but I need some info in order to

Being based in Oxford, I have to travel by train to/from London b4/after,
so need to know what times you expect to leave/return to, presumably, the
Outlandish office.

Many thanks



Hi Bill,

As mentioned above we will aim to leave on Monday at 9.30am (from just around the corner from the Outlandish office), and leave Wortley Hall on Thursday (ignore the previous typo) at 12.00pm to bring us back to the same collection point.

I will be booking later this afternoon so please let me know as soon as you can if you would like to confirm this place.

Hopefully see you soon!



Thanks Oskar - bit of an early start Monday, but should be ok for getting
back Thursday.

Please count me in.

Would cash on Monday be ok?



No worries Bill - I have added you to our return journey.

If cash works best for you then that should be fine.
I will let you know later on today how much you owe once I have ordered the coaches



Hi Oskar,

Sorry for the lateness with this but would you be able to reserve two spaces for me and Dan from Founders & Coders, or if not one space for myself?




Hi Bradley,

You and Dan have been added to both journeys.

See you Monday,


Hi Oskar,
If it is not too late, please could you count me in to the journey up?
Many thanks,


Please add me too if there’s room?
all the best


Hi Finn,

Dan asked me to reserve a coach space for him but he’s only going to be using the return trip as he’s arriving on Wednesday. I think he’d be okay with you taking his space for the journey up.




Departing from Outlandish HQ?


Hi Oskar,

Sorry for the confusion. We only need one place in that case if that’s okay?




Bradley: No worries, I have taken one of you off.
Polly: Yeah, we will have to catch the coach from the Travelodge just around the corner from HQ because of the awkward road sizes.
Leutha: Will you be wanting travel both there and back?
Finn: Added :+1:



Hello Oskar
I can I have a place, please?


Felix, will you be wanting travel there and back?



Yes and the return as well. thank you.