Travel to Wortley Hall for London-based CoTech-ers


Thanks Felix, I have added you to the list.

Leutha, do you need transportation there and back?
I’d like to get the order sorted in half an hour so please let me know ASAP.


Hi Oskar

Yep, both ways



Hi, is there still a chance to get on board (two people from Animorph)? Sorry, we overslept…


Hi Szczepan,

Yes, there is still space for the 2 of you, I’ve booked you in.



You’re a star, thank you! We’re also coming back with you. See you by the travelodge!


Hello all,

The coach has been booked and it was decided that we would go for a larger vehicle so there are still plenty of seats available for both journeys.

I must now apologise because I realise that I made a pretty terrible miscalculation - the cost of seating is actually £21 each way (£42 total), not the aforementioned estimate of £5 each way. Sorry :flushed: If this is an issue for anyone please let me know and we can come to some sort of arrangement. I did, however, calculate that travelling via train and city bus to and from Wortley Hall would cost in the region of £75-80 so, unless I have messed up again, you’ll still be in the green.

If anyone else has yet to sort out transportation, as I mentioned, there are still seats available. If not, then yay, more leg room for us :slight_smile:

See you all on Monday at 9.30 outside the Travelodge on Isledon Road, around the corner from the Outlandish office.

All the best,


Hi Oskar,

Just to say thanks for your work on this. £5 did seem way too little without a subsidy and the revised cost is still good value for money plus the company on the journey!

all the best