The Tao of WAO (new podcast from We Are Open Co-op)

Hey all, We Are Open Co-op has just released the first three episodes of our new podcast :partying_face:

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  • Give us feedback (the first episode is on Co-operatives!)
  • Come and have a chat with us on a future episode

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I have listened to the first episode and I love it. You’ve both got great podcast voices and the production quality is good so when you mention coops and people that I know and have met (outlandish, Sion Wellans) I feel like some kind of massive insider.

I liked hearing the prehistory of We Are Open and Doug’s angry anti-landlord rant (just kidding).

Anyway, I would like to be a guest on your show whenever you’ll have me. I have a joke about Ashington that I think you’ll like Doug and want to see if Laura gets it.


Yay! First listener who isn’t a member of my family! :wink:

But seriously, thanks for taking the time, and we’d love to have you as a guest. We’ve been setting aside time to record on Tuesday mornings from 09:00 our time. Given @laura is on holiday for three weeks, our next recording session will be June 15th, if you’d like to pencil that in?


Yes, that sounds great!

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Hey all, just a heads-up that @KingMob did end up joining us for Episode 5 of the Tao of WAO podcast, which you can listen to here (and everywhere you get your podcasts):

If you would like to be a guest on a future episode, give @laura or me a shout! :slight_smile:


Freed on the orders of @KingMob :slight_smile: enjoyed the episode a lot thanks for posting


Hey @dajbelshaw,

I’d love to come on the podcast representing Common Knowledge and my own takes. Really enjoyed this episode and working my way through the backlog. I think hearing people in our movement talk unambigiously about things like how they actually get stuff done is really important!

Let me know if you’d like this. I’m pretty flexible. My email is alex at my coop domain name.


Thanks @alex - emailing now!

For those interested / following along, we recorded S03 E02 of The Tao of Wao with @alex from Common Knowledge. Listen via SoundCloud or wherever you get your podcasts!

Bonus points for leaving comments on SoundClourd, or rating the podcast on either Spotify or iTunes :slight_smile:


Thanks for having me on Doug and Laura. It’s all a bit meta, because it talks at length about CoTech and this very forum!


A new episode of the Tao of WAO was just released. This time we had a chat with @Kayleigh and I do say it was absolutely lovely.


Hi, Doug. This is Ana Luisa from Autonomic Cö-op. I’d like do know we’re interested im doing a guest spot! We’re excited to discuss the themes around running the cö-op in general and our views and values on digital activism. We’re open to hear any themes and ideas you’d like to discuss as well. Thank you.


Hi @garlic_onions please do email us!

(sorry for not checking in here more often)

We recently recorded a fantastic episode with @Kayleigh recently which everyone should listen to!

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