The Tao of WAO (new podcast from We Are Open Co-op)

Hey all, We Are Open Co-op has just released the first three episodes of our new podcast :partying_face:

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We’d love it if you could:

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  • Give us feedback (the first episode is on Co-operatives!)
  • Come and have a chat with us on a future episode

I’d ask you to ‘like and subscribe’ but I’d be filled with shame and self-loathing if I did so :wink:


I have listened to the first episode and I love it. You’ve both got great podcast voices and the production quality is good so when you mention coops and people that I know and have met (outlandish, Sion Wellans) I feel like some kind of massive insider.

I liked hearing the prehistory of We Are Open and Doug’s angry anti-landlord rant (just kidding).

Anyway, I would like to be a guest on your show whenever you’ll have me. I have a joke about Ashington that I think you’ll like Doug and want to see if Laura gets it.


Yay! First listener who isn’t a member of my family! :wink:

But seriously, thanks for taking the time, and we’d love to have you as a guest. We’ve been setting aside time to record on Tuesday mornings from 09:00 our time. Given @laura is on holiday for three weeks, our next recording session will be June 15th, if you’d like to pencil that in?


Yes, that sounds great!

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