Tenders - opportunities

  • We have a new member £1bn wholesaler with 24 employees, one office

  • They have very antiquated IT infrastructure, can only check emails from desktop pc’s at work, still using self written! calendar system… sound straight out of the 90’s…

  • Want to shift IT infrastructure to a modern footing. Your typical g-suite and office 365, accessible from any device, anywhere, etc.

  • At this stage its an analysis of what they need and potential savings, and assuming there are, implementation. I reckon there is future work regarding other elements of the business and probably staff training and ongoing maintenance.

  • So who with-in the cotech network should I warmly introduce them to?


MediaBlaze Hosts would certainly be interested


Autonomic would be interested in teaming up with another co-op on this. We focus a lot on workflow/productivity.


If they specifically don’t want to use the corporate services of Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite for political, philosophical or economic reasons then we could provide and support an alternative based on Free software using server side applications such as Mailcow and Nextcloud either used exclusively via web interfaces or combined with client side applications such as Thunderbird, K-9, LibreOffice or a mixture of both.


GreenNet would be interested too!
Like @chris we’re really keen on alternatives to the corporates, and offer similar Free OpenSource tools to Webarchitects,
We don’t tend to deal with hardware, so we’d perhaps be up for partnering with co-techers who could support that side of things, if that’s part of the project, @athertonjohn?


Pretty standard corporate to be honest so doubt they will be tempted away from the names. I got a direct email from Harry so passed the referral to him in the first instance.


Hi all, I thought it would be useful to sit down with them and hear what they want, etc. - as John says it sounds fairly traditional. I’m meeting them on Friday at 12 in London. Let me know via email (harry@outlandish.com) if you want to come, otherwise I’ll contact people who’s expressed interest here and let them know what they’re looking for.


Hi All,

I hope everyone is well. Not a tender, but an update (hope that’s OK to post here). I heard back from Co-op Group procurement team. It sounds like we got lost a little bit in a backlog, but they’re looking to progress and put us in touch with their Digital team. So, nothing solid yet, but a positive they’re still thinking about us and there’s potential to use us.


hey @Cweb-Nick thanks for the update… hopefully something will come of it and pay off your investment in time . Keep us posted!


Hey we’ve received a brief from Open Rights Org for a small website to sell tickets for a big conference they do. It’s a tiny budget (3k including design), and an ultra sort turn around (they want it launched March 1st, but I imagine will need to be flexible on that!). Anyway, if anyone is interested get in touch.

Heres’ the email, and brief attached.

Dear Outlandish team

I am Martha, COO of the human rights online NGO Open Rights Group. We work on issues relating to mass surveillance, free expression online and privacy online.

We run an annual event / conference for around 600 people. The event this year is taking place in July, we have a small budget of £3k for the design and build of a simple website to promote the event and sell tickets. I have attached a document which provides more detail about what we are looking for.

We have a short deadline and a small budget so we are looking for someone to help us do this in the simplest way possible. Could you let me know if you might be able to help with the attached?

I am travelling for work this week but can fit In a call to discuss should that be needed. We are looking to have this completed by the end of next week.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Martha Dark
Chief Operating Officer
ORGCon website request for proposals.pdf (46.5 KB)