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We have a tender for an ‘e-learning’ site. The time is tight, the budget is tight but the client is nice and probably flexible.
Please email felix@wave.coop for more information?
Is this the place for this kind of conversation? I’ll get my coat if not.
Happier to be fully transparent in this thread, if appropriate and doesn’t create unwanted noise for everyone.


Hi Felix,

What kind of system would the client require? Moodle e.t.c

Thanks :slight_smile:


We have some sysadmin / devops capacity for Linux servers configuration via Ansible.

Using this thread for this discussion is fine by me :slight_smile:


I just tried to upload the tender pdf but it is not an allowed format


@Felix I have added .pdf to the list of file types that are allowed to be uploaded.


Here’s a £300k software development opportunity for a water supply company in Birmingham. Of interest?

"The company is looking to procure the development of operational systems which will create efficiencies and improve processes and controls.

Interested parties wishing to apply must be able to demonstrate the following capabilities:

— Ability to develop bespoke software which can integrate with the company’s other core platforms.

— Project management and delivery.

— Prompt resolution of issues.

— Ability to work to tight timescales."


Sorry I don’t want to spam these, but I’m subscribed to a load of emails that contain jobs like these that I figured I should pass them on and if people want to take them on, or if it’s something to co-pitch for then great. If it’s not useful for people and I should stop, please let me know!

The University of Bath needs new point of sale software - https://www.delta-esourcing.com/tenders/UK-GB-Bath:-EPOS-System/EH7AW36C7E


Newcastle City Council needs a website redesign: http://s.coop/26d2r


We would love to join in with a tech who fancies leading this one…

Software Build - University of Brighton
Closing date: 04/06/2018
Location: Brighton

University of Brighton

The current project, “Fast early-stage simulator of energy consumption and comfort in buildings” (FREDS), for the development a web platform for building simulation is funded directly by the University of Brighton and supervised by Prof. Marco Marengo and Dr. Marco Picco.
Project Description: We have a SOFTWARE PLATFORM which provides a fast and simple way to perform building energy simulations and assist with the selection of appropriate building components and systems during early design stages. We offer a complete and accurate evaluation of the energy and comfort performance of a built environment (even in the design phase) considering the climate, the use, the geometry and the materials of the building.
The platform will be based on a simplified building description model. We use the open-source code EnergyPlusTM issued by the US Department of Energy (DoE) and developed protocol and algorithms to quickly deliver complex building performance analyses.

Main system features needs to be developed:

  • APIs to connect the frontend to the existing backend
  • Interface (Main, Input, Results display, User Registration, User Profile)
  • Help Functions

A Detailed Software Requirements Specification document is available if needed.

It is expected the available budget will not be able to cover the development of all the required features, interested companies are therefore asked to provide quotes including the cost to develop each feature separately.
Budget: Looking for quotes - TBD
Contact Name: Marco Picco
Company: University of Brighton
Email Address: m.picco@brighton.ac.uk
Telephone: +447481274929
Website: http://brighton.ac.uk/index.aspx

Please mention that you found this Project on the Wired Sussex website