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A potentially politically hot piece of work. In my locality the CCG has been pushing hugely unpopular (and largely unworkable) proposals for downgrading our local hospital services in favour of a very costly PFI-financed hospital an hour away.


Founders & Coders Inverness? @sofer ? :smiley:


This isn’t exactly a tender opportunity, but linking here too for good measure:


This could be a great opportunity for a CoTech consortium to bid for: https://coopseurope.coop/resources/news/call-proposals-development-cooperative-knowledge-base


Well spotted Graham - sounds like a really interested project - though challenging at the budget.

I believe our french sister network Happy Dev have already developed a decentralised protocol to do almost exactly what is being described: https://startinblox.happy-dev.fr/

@alexbourlier and other will be demoing the platform at the hack at the end of November I believe. It might also be a way that we can power a shared “shop window” while keeping the data about our services, clients, etc. decentralised.


Hi guys !

Thanks for the ping.
I confirm that we intend to bid on this call for proposal of Cooperatives Europe at Startin’blox.
I also agree budget is quite tight but… it is very much aligned with the kind of architecture we are promoting so… we are IN !

I’ll keep you guys posted.
Happy to visit you at the end of the month.


Hi @alexbourlier

We took a look at this as Coops Europe are an existing client but I don’t think we’ll be putting in a proposal due to the timeline and budget. We (Agile Collective) would be happy to help with any Drupal related aspect of the project, though, if you need any.
Once @finn explained / translated the brief for me, it does seem really interesting and surprisingly progressive for the ICA.




Hi @aaron,

Thanks you this response.
Message received regarding the Drupal part of it.

I keep it in mind. We reply to the request for proposals this week.


A lot of the work that comes up on the GOV.UK Digital Marketplace require security clearance, however these ones posted yesterday don’t and they caught my eye as jobs that some of the CoTech co-ops could potentially bid for:

Webarchitects are not in a position to take the lead in any bid but we would be happy to provide devops / sysadmin / hosting services alongside any other co-ops who is interested in bidding for these jobs.


Thanks for sharing these @chris. The British Council one looks a really good fit, although these tender processes rarelt bare fruit. I expect we will put in for it but will evaluate this week - and bear in mind WebArch for sysadmin/devops.


Hey up team!

@Chris, thanks so much for sharing these, they look decent, although i doubt the DfE will be keen on us with all our work on school cuts :slight_smile:

@aaron, Let us know if you decide to go in on the BC one as it’s also something we’d be into, potential agile x outlandish collab?

Give us a bell an we can have a natter either way.



I’m also happy to provide hosting, sysadmin and security should anyone wish to join forces :slight_smile:


@aaron : My email : alexandre@happy-dev.fr

Could you provide me with :

  • a bio
  • a presentation of your cooperative and its relationship with CoTech ?

Thank you so much !


Hi @alexbourlier sorry for being so slow on this, I was ill all last week. Would you still like some info? Very happy to provide something if you’d like…


Hi @aaron,

I hope you recovered properly. I have just injured myself climbing so… I sympathize greatly.
We sent our proposal 2 weeks ago, as we couldn’t wait any longer due to the tight deadline.
However we would be more than happy to collaborate with you on the Drupal part in due time so if we are the chosen one, I’ll definitely reach back to you to implement the Drupal bit. We would very much love to collaborate with CoTech and it seems this project is ideal for this.

All the best !


From the GOV.UK 1 [Digital Marketplace 2] (https://www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/) here’s a job that some of the CoTech co-ops could potentially bid for?

Deadline Fri 23 Nov 2018 (and so far only 1 application)
Provision of Pan London Platform for listing properities <–Yes they left a typo in :slight_smile:
A single platform for listing temporary accommodation
finalised technical specification.
No work towards the development of the system has been carried out.
Year 1 - £100k-£140k
Year 2+ - £20k-£25k p/a



This is an interesting looking job, Development of Electronic Registers for Common Land and Town or Village Greens in Wales, potentially of interest to the bigger CoTech co-ops?


This job, New Livin website, might be worth considering for co-ops in or near the North East?


They look to be after an individual rather than an agency/org, but this should appeal: https://www.solidarityeconomy.coop/aboutus/work-with-us


Hi folks, does anyone have experience of Open Journal Systems? We’re working with someone who wants to upgrade a legacy system with lots of customisation, and we think while we could do this, it would be better done by someone with a prior understanding of the technology and potential upgrade issues.