Starting a Drupal 8 CRM project


Ignore what I said about redirection. I was thinking of a different site


Add new person pop up window does resize to portrait view on my phone.

Firefox browser

I’ll try to add a screenshot.Screenshot_20180425-084830

Do you have a repository with issue tracker?




No need for a screenshot, the popup currently has a fixed width.



login: demo / Iethe1Po # note this change

github (issues appreciated) -

Documentation -


You’ve left the .uk off the end of the URL - should be


Hey Naomi,

Am I right in thinking you’re not building on top of e.g. because that’s overly complex for your use case. Is there a danger that you’ll get to a point where it turns out some of the features/maintenance they’re doing would be useful to your project? In my experience I always regret not building on top of other stuff later on!

Happy to chat about it if you want a ‘critical friend’ to discuss the decisions with.


Hey harry, I would love to discuss that with you! I’m just about to go on holiday for a week but after that I will get in touch again on here.

But - quick answer - wanted it to be Drupal 8 native .



I’ve just updated the demo site at . The apache auth is

demo / iechu9waeF5diengohSei7oh

there is a site admin user:

siteadmin / siteadmin

This user is not able to create other users (for security reasons) but otherwise is like the siteadmin user on production.

Differences from the previous version:

Access control: Previously everyone could see all cases. Now, users can see cases that they are involved in. By creating case you automatically become involve in it (although you can later be removed or remove yourself). Caseworkers can see all clients and volunteer co-ordinators can see all volunteers. Site admins and overseers can see everything. (If you want to see this is action you can log on as caseworker / caseworker. This login is linked to the Test Caseworker so you should be able to see all and only cases that Test Caseworker is involved in.)

Editing types:

As a site admin you can now add, remove and configure types of actor, types of case and types of activity and you can configure fields on these and add your own fields.s

Relations between types:

For each type of case, you can specify what types of actors (people) can be involved in it, e.g. for a volunteer recruitment case it would be volunteers and/or staff; for a legal advice case maybe clients, volunteers and solicitors. You can also specify what activities belong on what kinds of cases.

Not done yet:

Anything to do with emails/bounces
Any specific guidelines or features relating to the GDPR

How you can help:

If you would like to help, the best thing you can do is try it out and tell me what you think about it. In the documentation there is a section “what it will do”, which lists desired features and the ones that are developed are ticked*. If you see something that’s ticked but the functionality does not seem to exist or you can’t see how to do it, I would love to hear it! Also if there is something you think charities would want but it isn’t on the list at all, again that would be great to know.

*There are two known issues: 1. Users don’t have access to edit the form view or display view of custom entities. So they can change fields and add fields but any fields they add will just go at the bottom of the form/display. 2. If someone does add a new type of actor, the permissions and menus will not update because they are currently hard-coded.

Apart from specific features I would be very interested to hear how usable (or not!) you think it is. Usability is very important, probably the most important thing, because this software is for people who are not technical, who are usually unpaid and are very busy with important things. The CRM should be almost invisible to them. I think making it as usable as possible will be a long journey but anything you have to say about this will be very useful.

Basically, anything that you find confusing for any reason or you think less technical people would be confused by - I want to hear it.

Terminology-wise what should we call the people in the system, to separate them from users? “People” could also mean users, and in any case one person could be more than one actors (which is what I ended up calling them because they do actions/activities but… yeah.) Constituents? Contacts?

There are gaps in the documentation too, which perhaps you could fill if you like that sort of thing. They are:

  • how to do simple things like add an actor, add a case, add involved parties to a case, add activities, edit and delete things, upload files
  • how to create new actor types, case types and activity types and how to edit the fields and add new fields


@harry @lwm @Graham if you feel like having a look at this I would be very interested in your thorughts! ^


Up to my neck in other stuff right now, but keen to help, so I will, but it might take a week or so. Feel free to nudge me if you hear nothing. :slight_smile:


Thank you! No worries - I’m going on holiday anyway :slight_smile:


Also does anyone know who Eric is who was interested in this? I have it written down somewhere to include Eric in the discussion but can’t remember if he was on here or another forum :confused:


I need some UX advice for this project, is anyone able to help (for free)?


Dear all,

not sure this is the right place for it but I’ll try here first (rather than start a new thread).

A small membership non-profit I work with needs to get on top of their membership mgmt and make it easier for (mainly) me engage a whole range of different stakeholder groups. Something that would work really well for us is

However, I like to ask for more ethical ways of having access to similarly simple functionality.

Any pointers greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

P.S. much prefer wordpress to drupal (if that becomes important)


Hi there,

Are you familiar with: Mautic ( … Its intention is for marketing automation, however, the fundamental concepts of user-driven engagement with containerised/silo’d contacts who can go through some membership/on-boarding/newsletter style email comms, I think is quite applicable.

It’s written in PHP and I think there’s a WP and Drupal plugins, if that’s your thing.


Hi Naomi,

I will have some availability from the end of November onwards, and would be happy to have some involvement if it would be of help to you!?

Also, I have been looking at “” which might be just the ticket in terms of allowing you to potentially spin up new instances for clients with a significant reduction on your part, if of course, you’re not using any similar tech in this way.



Hi Jonathan,

That would be wonderful! I’ll keep you posted re demo releases between now and November and be in touch then

Thanks so much



Hello @750430 and anyone else interested in OpenCase

It’s coming along nicely! I’ve just updated the demo site to the latest version which includes basic reporting functionality. I would be really happy if anyone would like to pop on and give me some feedback.

First login: demo / iechu9waeF5diengohSei7oh
Second login: demo / demo

That will log you on as an “overseer” type user which means you can see all people, all cases and all activities. If you want to look at the functionality for configuring person types and fields and so on, let me know and I’ll give you a “site admin” login.

The visual appearance is shite so, calling front end people especially, if you think it is a worthwhile idea having a simple case management system for charities (as nothing similar exists in the FOSS world currently) please consider helping out.

Thanks in advance for any involvement you might like to have.



I was going to have a quick look but can’t log in (with demo / iechu9w…etc)
Is it just me?


It’s just you I think @jonathan

be aware there’s one basicauth style login (with the long password) and then there’s a site login with demo/demo