Starting a Drupal 8 CRM project


I would be happy to contribute by way of doing a bit of testing and providing feedback if that’s helpful, and am happy to help with documentation (the bulk of my contribution to date to the CiviCRM project is on documentation). and of course once it’s up and running I can refer people.


Thanks @Graham, that’s fantastic!

I will be setting up a demo site very soon and you can start testing from the get-go.

Do you have any experience with getting modules into and their security advisory system?


Sadly can’t help on the intricacies of working with


Hi @naomi, yes I’m part of MediaBlaze Hosts


Thanks everyone for all your interest

I have a question

In the way that one “asks” a newly acquired cat or dog what its name is, I asked my unborn project its name and it said it was Zen CRM. You see I am actually quite into Zen, I mean I have been for decades and in a genuine way. And I want to apply genuinely Zen principles to it, not just in the sense of simplicity and minimalism but insofar as I am creating it for the good of all beings as opposed to for my ego or to get rich … etc…

But I can’t help thinking that people who don’t know the thought behind it will think it is wanky. It’s so overused for the wrong reasons.

What do others on here think? If I need to change it, now’s the time!


Oh and another one, can anyone suggest a good open-source Drupal-8-native clean minimal theme?


Cool! Do you want to get in touch by email? I sent you a PM.


I think the name is fine. My only concern, and also perhaps the answer to your next question, is that Zen is also the name of a very popular Drupal theme.


So it is! I had forgotten. Well, I suppose I should use it then! Although IIRC it’s not a theme as such but for basing custom themes on

Anyway I don’t think it matters having the same name as they are are quite clearly different things

#31 redirects to, also some Italian company is using the name zencrm

Probably a blessing in disguise

Might go for “CRM Case”, to emphasise that it does both things…


Hi @liam I’ve spotted you say this a couple of times now - may I ask who is we? :slight_smile:

Oh, should’ve scrolled down further! see now you are a member of :slight_smile:


Hi everyone

Here’s the result of my first sprint. It has the basic case management functionality already!

login is demo / demo