Starting a Drupal 8 CRM project


Also @naomi don’t forget this is a public forum, so now anyone can get that username and password combo.

I’ll have a look at the app now.


I can log in when using chromium or curl but not with firefox (I don’t get past the basic auth)


@harry it’s a demo site! It’s for anyone to go on, that’s the entire point :wink: I’d just rather not have it hammered by bots!


@nick If you’re entering the password correctly then there must be a problem with your firefox install.


@jonathan did you get in?


Aha, I found the issue, there are multiple spaces before the password in the post, and when selecting it with double click in firefox it collects a space, chrome trims this off when you paste, but firefox does not.

The firefox inspector shows the content as:

First login: demo  /   iechu9waeF5diengohSei7oh
Second login: demo / demo


Hey @nick, liking those debugging skills. You can stay!

@jonathan maybe that was your issue too. I’ve edited the post to remove the spaces, so copy & paste should work now.


YES!! I can see …

Correspondance with home office

Ta naomi

I’ll try to have a play with it in next few days, in a rush now to my other job
All the best
Jonathan :slight_smile:


I think the thing looks great.

Is there an admin login so we can try configuring the cases?


Thank you! :blush:

I’ve pm’ed you.


Looks great.

Only thing is now I can’t create cases. Am I doing it wrong? I was expecting a “new case” button somewhere in or around the Cases tab.


Hi @harry, thanks for the feedback! What do you mean by the Cases tab? Would you mind sending a screenshot?

To add a case you need to (create or search for and then) click on a person’s name to open up their record. Then see sidebar


Sure thing.

I added myself as a Client and now appear here

I can’t add a Case to myself from the report page as far as I can see.

What I was expecting (maybe wrongly) was to add a Case from the cases tab and then say that it was relating to the Harry Robbins client:


the alternative way I’d expect it to work is for the Add People to become “People” which lists all the people by default (with an “Add person” button to add a new person). Then from selecting a person from the list I’d expect to be able to add new cases and assign them to the selected person.


Hi @harry thanks that’s really useful.

I have had a similar thought, about changing “Add People” to “People” and adding an option to view the full list of people (or maybe “All Volunteers”, “All clients” etc) as well as the options to add. Now that you’ve said it as well, I will definitely do it.

Currently the only way to add cases is to search for the person in the quick search bar in the top right. Only when they are displayed as search results does the “Cases” link appear! I see now that it should be available in more places.

The idea behind the “Reporting” section was that it would just be for reading / pulling out data (it should have a “Download CSV” button which is missing) and not for adding cases and things like that. But perhaps it should be called “Advanced Search” instead, and have a text box to filter by name, and have the “Cases” and “Details” links on it just like the results of the quick search. Then it would work roughtly as you expected.

I think there’s good reason for not presenting an “Add case” button until the user has found the client record and viewed their existing cases. It’s because if they choose the client from a dropdown they could easily get the wrong person. (I work with asylum seeker organisations and in some cultures it is usual for people to have very similar or the same names). And they could easily add a duplicate case too, if they don’t see what cases are on already. I’m open to suggestions though.

(As for the problem of duplicate people, I haven’t thought it through really at all yet and would welcome advice)

Thanks again!


Yes just had time to do so … got logged in OK :slight_smile:


This is probably nothing but …
I searched for Jane and then “Add new case” … “Asylum…” and tried to upload a file (very small jpg) but got “The file could not be uploaded because the destination private://2018-11 is invalid.”
Ditto for adding “Confidentiality Form” in “Add Client”

I doesn’t seem to select “Languages spoken” even though I can see the drop down box - BUT it does select them

Overall it feels very nice to use. I’m sure I’d get used to how to input stuff. I’m not familiar with casework type of work, but willing to keep trying things out, especially if you wanted to give me some scenario or pointers as to how it would be used?


Had another play with it … added 2 volunteers
I can find them by searching eg search “Vol” there’s one called Volley Ball
But I cannot get her name to appear otherwise, say on reporting - is this because she’s not linked to a case yet?


Hey thanks so much for the info

The issues with uploading was a config thing which I’ve fixed now. However it does only do PDFs (I can easily change that though)

I can’t reproduce the issue with “Languages spoken”, though - what browser are you using? Could you elaborate on what you are doing / seeing?


The business of volunteers not appearing on the reporting page is a deeper problem, thanks for bringing it to my attention


OK Naomi, just got a few mins for this now - using Firefox.

say at
“Languages spoken” i see a dropdown box already dropped down … and when I click on one or more language, ah yes it does highlight them. So this is a non-issue. Sorry. I think, or thought, it wasn’t highlighting them. All good :slight_smile: