Please share what co-op you are with


When people use this forum their name avatar/profile picture displays, but it’s not always possible to find which co-op they’re from, which is a bit not-useful, but it can be fixed: It would be really helpful if everyone could do this:

Click on your own avatar/profile picture (top right of screen)
Click the ‘Preferences’ cog-wheel icon, (top right of the drop-down box)
In the page which opens, on menu (left of screen) select ‘Profile’
In the box ‘Co-operative’ > type where you work
Save changes
Get a glow of satisfaction and having been co-operative and helpful



Sure. What if you are not affiliated with any cooperative but have joined to determine if there are any suitable cooperatives worth participating in or suitable, similar, like-minded people worth associating with?


Great idea, @jonathan. I’ve just updated my profile.


No worries, just leave that field blank, it isn’t compulsory.