CoTech Members only group and categories

As requested, I have made a start on creating a CoTech private members group, so far all users with email addresses using these domains have been added:

If you are a worker for a CoTech member co-op and have registered on this site using an email address not on a domain listed above please post to this thread to ask for your account to be added to the Members group.

The intention is to create private members-only categories, I might start doing that tonight.

Is anyone on for creating a CoTech font so we can add a CoTech icon to overlay the members users avatars?

There is a SVG logo linked here and some suggested way to do it on StackExchange.


I have created a CoTech Internal Category, this is a category that only workers in CoTech member co-ops can post in, so it is a ideal place to create things like polls of CoTech members and such like, note that all posts in this category are public, that is you don’t need to be a member of CoTech to read posts in this category.

I have also created a CoTech Private Category, this is only visible to workers in CoTech co-ops, all CoTech members can view and post to this category but it is not accessible to to anyone else, it is private.

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I used GitLab CI to build a Docker container with Font Custom installed and some more GitLab CI to build and deploy a CoTech font, however it doesn’t work (anyone interested in helping getting it working?) and then I found that we can use a PNG and don’t need a custom font after all :roll_eyes:, so now all worker members in CoTech co-ops should have a CoTech icon overlaying their own icon, like this:

Screenshot_2020-04-05 CoTech Members only group and categories


thanks for doing this @chris I hope it wasn’t too much effort.
I had an action to start a thread about this on Loomio but seeing as you’ve done it already and it makes sense, I won’t do that.
I’d like to set up a Private category for referrals (primarily) within the network, but could also be used for sharing potential opportunities, jobs etc
I can see we have the CoTech Private category, I think this would need to be a private category as well as it will contain different threads (topics?).
Can we do that? Can we have subcategory within CoTech Private?


Also thanks for adding the icon, that was another thing on the list, but our idea was to edit everyone’s username and add your coop in brackets, but this is far simpler!


this is cool! thanks @chris!


I have created a private referrals category as a sub-category of CoTech and made @aaron an admin.

The CoTech Private category is private see the padlock icon, you can only see it because you are in the Members group. Topics (threads) can be created by Members in the private categories.

Note that we can’t create threads on Loomio until the subscription is renewed, we can only post to existing threads.

There is a custom Co-operative form field that people can complete already, see this thread, I’m not sure if we could change that to display next to member, but you can see displayed when you click on someone’s icon — is that good enough?

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Totally good enough, I had forgotten about that but have used this in the past. If a developer fancies looking at a way to present the coop next to someone’s name then that would be great but definitely a would like rather than a must have.
On a related note, is it possible to make the existing Jobs category private? This is the one that most people have used for posting opportunities so I wondered if you can change it, but it doesn’t seem possible.
We would also need a public category for actual jobs rather than project opportunities but I wonder if people will just be in the habit of using the one they’e always used rather than the new referrals one. But maybe I’m overthinking it!

I’ve added the display of the Co-operative field next to people’s names, by following the links in this thread.

I’d suggest not changing the current Jobs category, I think it is fine that it covers actual jobs and project opportunities, but if needs be we could create sub-categories…

I think that it is good that anyone can post in the current Jobs category is as it enables non-members to start threads. We can always move posts from that thread into the Referrals or Private categories if needs be.

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Does anyone have any critical concerns about adding Facctic to the private group? I think now is the time to show solidarity to all of our comrades.

If anyone does have a critical concern, @chris could I just add them to the How are people coping with the Corona Virus Pandemic thread?

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How about we set up a Sister Organisations Group and add their domain name (plus any other co-ops who we know) to that group and then move the CoTech Private category to Co-ops Private? (We can create another private sub-category of CoTech as and when it is needed).

UPDATE: The above suggestion has been implemented.

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