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Howdy there.

I am a pretty ambition student finishing his Web Design and Development degree next year. Most of my degree has been focusing on UX Design and front end development. I always seen myself more of a jack of all trades rather than focused on one sector.

Currently working on some ideas inspired by Matt Crow from Outlandish, about half a year ago he came to our University to talk about how is creating this awesome network for cooperatives. One thing that caught my attention was how he described Cooperatives as a “conscious business” to put part of profits aside to create something socially and environmentally benefiting.

But an idea doesn’t exactly pay for the living expenses. Currently i am searching for a summer trainee position in Finland :finland: but completely possible to work online. If opportunity shines, i will likely stay in UK :uk: after studies.

Some of my recent portfolio worthy highlights can be found on my website. :relaxed:

PS: Discourse looks alot like a modern forum should look like. Back in the day i used to drool over Vbulletin and IP.Boards but over the years i have forgotten forums even existed. Have come across discourse now on and here, and it definitely will bring me back to forums.



Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’m a senior full stack engineer with a front end focus looking for a remote job.

I’m interested in working for a coop because I like the egalitarian nature and the idea of cooperating on meaningful work rather than just being a cog in a corporate machine.

I have 8 years of experience building apps. I’ve worked with PHP, Ruby, Python and JavaScript which is my strongest language. I’m also very experienced with React/Redux, Node, HTML/CSS, MySQL, GraphQL, Webpack, Bash, etc. My resume is available at and a list of some of the public projects I’ve worked on is on my portfolio:

If any of the coops here are hiring remote, I’d love to work together.




I have been a member of a few worker coops; Ecobee (which was absorbed into Agile Collective), 3 Mules (a web development and marketing coop) and I have an unpaid advisory role at Red Coop, which designs and implements retrofit solutions.

(Most links in this post are tweaked due to posting restrictions for a new user.)

I have started to leave programming in order to build a business as a life coach and to train as a psychotherapist. I think it will take me a year or more to build my life-coaching business to the point at which it can sustain me. In the meantime I am looking for 2 days per week of tech work in order to keep body and soul together.

My work over the last decade:

  • At Ecobee and 3 Mules I mostly built Drupal 6 & 7 websites.
  • I built the Retrofit Pattern Book in PHP, Silex, MySQL
  • and a web app called Thnku (not an active site) in Ruby, Sinatra, MySQL, for a university researcher
  • I also built the Poverty Monitor for Greater Manchester Poverty Action, mostly by gluing together various JS libraries with data stored in Google sheets and CartoDB. It’s a mini-site within the larger wordpress site. I wrote a little static site generator in Ruby to make the development easier.
  • The last few years I spent writing a couple of http servers in Go and MongoDB. They formed a community collaboration system. Under other circumstances I would have adapted or extended an existing system like Drupal Organic Groups or maybe Discourse, but a primary requirement was to have ad-hoc structured documents. The system allows people to add a field of any defined type to any individual document at creation or later editing. Document types are therefore conventions, not constraints.
  • My main skills are server-side but I have some HTML / CSS and copy-writing ability. Here is the static site for my life coaching business:

I hope something here grabs your attention. I’m open to a wide range of work. Obviously, I would be very happy to answer any queries.



Hi @JustinHellings, sorry about the link restrictions, this is a Discourse default that we haven’t changed, I have fixed some links in your post, I love the patterns book, I wanted to do something like this 25 years ago when I was detailing buildings at Sheffield Council, using AutoCAD 12 on Solaris (and then 13 on NT 3.5, which was worse, but seemed like a good idea at the time) over 20 years ago…

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Thanks for the edits @chris.

Sounds like you could swap AutoCAD war stories with Charlie at Red Coop :slight_smile:



Hello everyone! I’m Jared Hardy, founder of Data Roads Foundation, where we encourage all communities to build their own Local-Shares.Net co-ops for Internet access and renewable power, among other forms of community commons and assets sharing. We are also working on becoming a worker self-directed nonprofit (as defined by

I was thankfully directed here by Tom Llewellyn at We were talking about the utter dearth of technology worker cooperatives in the United States, and none I know of are hiring remote workers. He thought this would be a good place to look around, and talk with other global tech co-ops about the benefits of remote teams.

I live in downtown Los Angeles, California, in support of my wife’s civil service work at the We don’t plan on moving anytime soon, definitely nowhere near the SF Bay Area, and I haven’t found any tech co-ops here within a healthy commute distance. This is why I’m here looking for jobs with remote teams and potential partners online.

I’m yet another white man in tech, so I’m preferably looking for more diverse partners to cofound a remote tech worker co-op and crowd-gathering platform, with the core mission of creating and supporting ever more remote tech worker co-ops in Open Source, as well as supporting tech co-op diversity via blind-hiring and pseudonymous contribution tracking tools. I have been a product and IT leader at video game and online service developers, I can program in most languages and target every major OS (including game console BSD forks), but I’m preferentially targeting all my new projects at Rust -> LLVM -> Emscripten and native platform-independent pipelines (with some web app prototyping in Python) on the Peer Production License by the



Hi Everyone,
It is a pleasure to bump into a Tech Community that shares the same values and aspirations about Technology and Social Change as me through my existing ICT4D meetup network when I recently move to London. While I am pretty new for the Tech Coop, after following few meetups at Space4, I am extremely loving it.

My background is primarily in ICTs for International Development both in practice and training (MSc ICTs for Development, PGD in Computer Science and over 10 years of experience in various areas). In addition, I was trained and worked as a Trainer/Teacher for about 5 years.

I am versatile and my experience, education and skills sets are very diverse ( biased to Web/Software development and System Analyst/Support).

Currently I am looking forward to join an enthusiastic and friendly team with a strong ambition and resilience to grow, develop and at the same time to bring impact on Tech for Good.

Here is my LinkedIn Profile page:
My email:

I am happy to hear from or tell more to anyone interested.

Thank you.

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Hello again.

I posted back in May in this thread because I was looking for tech work and given the choice I would prefer to work with a coop.

Soon after that post, I started working with Geeks for Social Change doing refactoring and new features on a project called PlaceCal. It’s a great project. Older residents (50+) in Hulme and Moss Side in Manchester reported that there were very few organised activities for them. It turned out that local organisations were providing an enormous number of events that were getting little publicity. PlaceCal provided training to help those orgs add all their events to their own calendars (Google, FB, Apple, whatever) and then wrote a site to aggregate all the events. One benefit is that each third sector organisation that uses the site now has a much better understanding of what the others do, and therefore where to direct people with needs outside that organisation’s scope.

That was the second Rails/Postgres project I’ve worked on. My work is coming to an end on PlaceCal so now I’m on the lookout for something else. I’d be grateful for any leads.

All the best,

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Hello everyone,

My primary motivation for looking for work in a cooperative is the idea of working for a community instead of a company as well as working for a group of people who have moral and ethical considerations of the kind of work they take.

I have mainly been involved with software support and operations, mainly Linux OS, Scripting based languages and Databases. The last 2 years I have been working as a Support Team Lead. I am striving to provide the best customer service by employing the most effective ITIL practices, managing SLAs, leading customer service reviews and reporting to higher management. Maintaining a high level of motivation among the team members and a positive environment through appraisals, objectives, regular meetings and mentoring, is a key part of my role. I am still involved with technical work when required.

Please message me if the above sound of interest to you and you want to find out more.