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If you want to get involved with CoTech but don’t know where to start, introduce yourself on the board. You can include a CV, but it would also be great to give a quick write up on why you’re interested, and what you’re looking for.


Well, I suppose I’ll just continue from my introduction post :smile:.

I ran out of my last tech startup job with my hair on fire, screaming, because the investor board room kept handing down unprincipled pivots and we didn’t have any say on the shop floor. So, I started digging around and found out that tech coops are a thing (yiippeee) and workplace democracy is possible (double yiipppeeee).

I’m freelancing for the FSFE until the contract runs out in July (last agreed date but could run on) because it’s much more honest work and a good cause. However, I’m practically working on my own and that’s not great. It’d be nice to join a team and skip on the ethically questionable drone/ad-tech/finance/VR startup thing.

If someone needs a Python developer (most at home with Django/Flask), please do let me know and I’d be happy to get stuck in. You can see what I’ve been up to over at my site.

Thanks for creating @Kayleigh :thumbsup:

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I’d love to join your network as a member of one of the cooperatives. I haven’t worked in a cooperative before, and now I’m very much attracted by their egalitarian nature, the prospect of taking part in making decisions and of doing good work that makes people’s lives better – I noticed a lot of your clients are non-profits and other (non-tech) cooperatives.

As for what I can offer: I’m a freelance programmer with 7 years of experience. I’m especially proficient in frontend web development with React and Redux, but still quite versatile, with experience in backend and desktop. I’m also open – and would actually prefer – part time work (is it compatible with the cooperative model, by the way?). The only problem is I’m not located in the UK and can only work remotely.

I’ve examined the list of cooperatives, and the ones that are doing a similar kind of work to what I’m skilled in are:

  • Go Free Range
  • Cooperative Web
  • Outlandish
  • Tableflip
  • Agile Collective
  • DTC Innovation

Finally, here’s my resume:

And here’s a recent example of my work:

(at first I’ve sent an application to, so you might have seen my email before, but one of the members suggested to also post it here)

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Hi Igor,

Thanks for getting in touch with CoTech. I see you mention Agile Collective as a company that do similar work to what you do so I thought I’d send a quick message to say that we are looking for a new web developer to join us. You can find out more at
All the best,

Hi @aaron,

Thanks for contacting me. Yes, I’m very interested :slight_smile: Although a little concerned about the time frame: not sure I’ll be still available by the end of November. But let’s hope for the best.

I suppose I’ll submit a complete application with a given form as soon as I can, probably tomorrow.

My name is Paula and I would love to be a member of a workers co-op. I was part of a housing co-op when I first moved to Manchester from Spain, where I am from, and getting to know the co-operative movement really changed my life. I think it is the solution (the good one, the only one!) for empowering us as workers and because of that, I want to be part of it!

I am a Telecommunications engineer who has done quite a lot of work related with Computing. I support Free Software and my mission is to make technology easier to understand by general public. I am also a Linguist and have worked with autistic people for several years, as well as an educator. I am passionate about all these different things and I think I can contribute with a unique approach to any of these fields.

You can find more information about me in Linkedin ( I am looking forward to meeting like-minded techy people (not that easy to find!) and to collaborating and learning and growing, either in an existing co-op or in a new formed one. If any of this resonates with you, drop me a line!


Hey everyone,

we are a collective of self employed developers. We have a base in Berlin,
but we are trying to be more and more nomadic. We are trying to figure out
how to work together, how to get regular flow of new projects, how to
outsource work to each other etc. and all this 100% remote.

I built a simple app few years ago, when I was still doing Ruby so it’s a
bit so-so, but it would be nice if you add your profile so we can be in the
loop and get to know each other better and brainstorm about how to make it
work. is the app with our profiles
And here’s our chat
codingamigos/chat - Gitter

Would be happy to hear more about what are your ideas and maybe we can push
things forward together :slight_smile:


And here on this link you can get a feeling of what is a big picture… to
get an overview :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

I’m Jaron, a so-called Java Developer (so-called because actually a lot of my recent work has actually been in Go and AWS/Terraform) currently working for a large-ish fashion retailer working on microservices for our POS system. We recently delivered the service that I was working on and now I’m considering whether I want to continue where I’m working or move on. I have about three years of commercial experience in various technologies including but not limited to Java, JavaScript, Go, Python, Terraform/AWS/Cloudformation, C and C++.

I’m also the IT officer for my local Labour party so I run the CLP website, which is Wordpress running on Heroku with some customisations. I was also responsible for managing a paid social media campaign during the snap general election earlier this year.

Co-operatives to me seem like common sense - workers should be the people controlling their workplace and should have a fair say in the way that it is run. Naturally I’d really love to work with one! I’d really like to work somewhere directly delivering projects for a social good, and contributing work to the commons so that others can benefit. I’m also quite interested in the problem of growing the co-operative sector in the UK as a whole and would like the opportunity to work on projects to that end.

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I’m Matt and I found my way to CoTech due to a strong belief in mutual aid and worker cooperatives. Sadly there seems to be a lack of coops in the survey or even GIS worlds. My background is in geomatics. So I’m hoping that either through an existing member of CoTech or by starting one from scratch I’ll find an opportunity to apply my skillset in a supportive and positive environment.

I’ll pop back and upload my cv tomorrow.

Edit: Added my CV! MNicholson_CV_2017.pdf (106.9 KB)


Any Drupal devs out there??? :money_mouth_face::woman_technologist::grin:

We have a bit of freelance work available starting ASAP. Not the greatest rate but for a good cause. PM me for details or email us.

Hi, I’m a senior-level developer in PHP and JS (Node, React etc) with a lot of Drupal experience (Drupal 7 and 8, module development, been waaaaay down the rabbithole of CiviCRM, know it like the back of my hand) and some Wordpress. I’m a Linux user who lives in the command line and I’ve done quite a bit of sysadmin over the years.

I travel and volunteer a lot so I am not looking for a full-time onsite job but I am pretty flexible and I’m not at all greedy about rates if the job is actually worth doing for reasons other than money (and if it’s not, why do it at all?).

I LOVE functional programming, do it for fun but so far haven’t got anyone to pay me to do any - I’d love the chance of a bit of Haskell or the like :slight_smile:


We have worked with @naomi and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her, she is also a member of our co-op :slight_smile:.

@naomi the main co-op doing CiviCRM work is, contact @Graham and the main co-op doing a lot of Drupal work is contact @maria, @aaron and @finn.

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Welcome @naomi! I’ve seen the following positions so far:

I work at Aptivate if you have any questions!

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Hi @naomi. Not in aposition to offer you a job, bit often have bits and pieces of problems that need solving (and I don’t have your skillset). If you’d like to get in touch directly - - I can provide more detail.


Heya, me again :smiley:

I was just wondering if there are any Python/Django devs (including some Docker and Leaflet) out there who are interested in working for an environmental third sector client on a mapping platform.

Feel free to get in touch on here or by email for some more details:

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just out of interest, can you say anything more about the the mapping platform your working on? :slight_smile:

Sorry, this project has been completed now. Will post if anything else ad-hoc comes up in the future.

I wasn’t actually interested in the work but am interested in the mapping project - is there anything to look at online?

Nope, just an internal thing for now I’m afraid.