PeerTube, an alternative to YouTube?

Honestly, unless PeerTube instances start actually moderating their content, they will just be a cess pit of far right material. Every instance I have seen, had a ton of far right content. No thanks.


How many “instances” are there? How many did you review? What is stopping you, in true mentality of the co-operative movement, to maintain and moderate an instance that excludes “a ton of far right content”? There are mastodon servers that successfully implement their own moderation standards, without impact on the “fediverse”.

As an example of an instance subscribed to (admittedly, only one of six atom feeds in total that are subscribed):

Where’s the “far right”? :wink:

If you’ve not come across the controversies about the problems with PeerTube project and moderation then I’d be surprised. It’s been a hot topic of discussion on the Fediverse for quite a while. Don’t gaslight me like that :+1:

Look at the front page of this instance you used for example:

It includes a speech by proscribed terrorist group National Action. That’s actually illegal content in the UK.

Bit off topic though now.



For a link into the discussion, I guess Sunflower Goth: "fedi meta, peertube, nazis" - will do it. This is in contrast to moves like Gab switches to Mastodon's code: Our statement - Official Mastodon Blog.

Peertube has issues, thanks for raising this.


It’s easy to “cherry-pick”: PeerTube
Welcome to, a PeerTube server for anything technical! Power users, programmers, hackers, makers, scientists, tinkerers, radio operators, free software enthusiasts or similar may host their videos here for free as part of the Fediverse. is strictly moderated and follows three main guidelines: * All videos and comments must be suitable for viewing by people of all ages * No commercial/sponsored content * Channels should fit the “technical” theme in some way You can contact the administrator via email ( If you are a viewer and you want to subscribe or comment you will need to create an account. Note that an account created here on cannot look up or subscribe to content from other servers. This is a restriction to ensure users cannot inadvertently view inappropriate content from elsewhere on the PeerTube federation. (It’s a jungle out there.)

The internet has issues, thanks for raising.

The original point: if a co-op is a legitimate alternative to big corporation entities, technology such as peertube, mastodon, etc. should be considered as a viable alternatives to the usual platform monopolists.


There is a Mastodon instance run as a cooperative called Social Coop. I would suppose that a tool like Mastodon or PeerTube can be used for both good and bad. The concerns about the far-right utilising it are of course legitimate and with merit, but that shouldn’t mean that it shouldn’t be utilised for good purposes as well.


The point here to me is that platforms need to choose to develop good tools to make content moderation effective. It doesn’t happen automatically. And it seems too often the case that people who are able (technically, economically, etc) to build platforms and tools are the least aware of the need for such things.

Instead we rely on other people raising these issues, and for those more directly impacted by the content this might be an intense and emotional thing to do. And this has led to better moderation tools being implemented. But it’s hard work bringing up awareness about issues like this, it takes a lot of energy and risk of aggressive pushbacks, toxic arguments, and worse, … etc. And at the end, when/if better moderation tools are implemented, we all enjoy the fruit of that labour, and some may even wonder what all the fuss was about in the first place.

So, I thank all the people that do this awareness raising work :clap: and those that accept the need for better tooling and implement it :clap:


I did have a good experience with PeerTube last night when following and commenting a friend’s channel from my Mastodon account. At least that side of it is looking slick :heart:


The great thing about Peertube servers is that you can post anything you want. Moderation is up to the admins who run each site/instance. There are well over 1000 domains now running it, with content like science, right-wing, left-wing, indie movies and music videos, street performers, you name it. Just be sure to run v4 or higher if you want the smoothest streaming (they upgraded ffmpeg and other things in the core). Oh, and HLS mode works better than webtorrent mode imo. The P2P seeding is basically flawless now. My bandwidth sucks, but the videos don’t buffer on peertube sites that I visit.

There’s also a free plugin for it now that’s called “Hive-Tube”. Any video or podcast etc that you upload, or import from Youtube (and other sites) can be auto-monetized, providing you (and even your viewers/listeners if desired) with passive income.
See for details on that.

As for the awareness that was mentioned, that is up to the entrepreneurs to figure out what kind of domains to setup. For example, one domain could be for real estate agents that want to post videos about their listings. Or a car dealer that does videos on the cars they are selling, taking you for a drive in it, etc. Or an artist’s site that wants to talk about her latest painting and how she did it etc.

Anyway, I hope you reconsider the install of Peertube or using a different instance for your favorite content. Use is what helps to get Peertube server the attention it deserves imo. :blush:

This is also a big moderation problem. I really think they need to add more moderation features.

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