Reclaiming Work - Film about the cooperative alternative to the gig economy

Dear friends

The film I recently posted about has now been released! ‘Reclaiming Work’ is about riders who work for companies like Deliveroo and Uber Eats who have created a cooperative alternative to make the work fairer and safer.

You can see it on Novara Media here: Reclaiming Work: The Cycle Couriers Subverting The Gig Economy - YouTube

It was also released in French on Mediapart here: Livreurs à vélo, courant alternatif | Mediapart

Please share and promote the project in your networks :slight_smile:


To promote further the concept of co-operativism, there should be thought towards appropriate technology. So, instead of younowwhotube, host video on a de-centralised platform:

Curious to know, does the co-op allow people to contribute towards a pension/savings scheme? Would an ethical financial services organisation be selected to manage such schemes in an open process?


Congratulations @usayd it’s excellent and deserves to go viral :+1:


Ideally viral in the fediverse… :wink:

Nice one @usayd we retweeted you. It’s such a great film :slight_smile:


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