Online meeting - 25th April 3pm: Hope Beyond Borders: Yalla's Gaza Crisis Fund

It would be great if some co-operators could join us at this online meeting on Thursday April 25th, 2024 3:00 PM- 5:00 PM:

Join Yalla co-operative and the International working group to hear about Yalla’s on-going solidarity initiative in Gaza.

Yalla co-op will be introducing their Hope beyond Borders fundraising campaign in the context of solidarity, hope and co-operation between UK cooperators and those in Palestine.

This is an opportunity to learn about Yalla co-op, the work that they do and context from Gaza. Co-organised with’s new International working group who will be giving context and talking about why this matters for UK cooperators interested in mutual aid and worker co-op solidarity across borders.

Register or drop in via this meeting link

See also the previous thread on this.

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Hi! This is Lina from Yalla! A Palestinian developer, currently based in Turkey. I would love to share more about the event

We are planning to cover these topics in an Open Discussion!

  1. How did you start Yalla?
  2. Why choose Palestine? How has this decision changed your perspective on Palestine in general, and Gaza in particular?
  3. What are the local perceptions? How do people view working with the outside world, especially given that Palestine has been under blockade for the past 17 years?
  4. Why are cooperatives operating across Palestine important, and how do they differ from cooperatives elsewhere?
  5. How does remote work impact Palestinians, particularly in a cooperative setup? Why is it crucial to find opportunities?
  6. How has our cooperative model been affected by events in Gaza?
  7. What are other ways to support Gaza beyond fundraising?

Excited to see you all.

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The meeting with Yalla Co-operative is taking place in a little over half an hours time, all welcome, join here!

Oh, I cannot join, but I’d be happy to read notes from the session if someone wants to share them, I hope it goes well!

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