New Catalyst development briefs (including one I really encourage you to go for!)



Hey all, I know a few CoTech members have been involved involved in Catalyst-funded work during the pandemic. I wanted to share two briefs that came out today and encourage you to apply for one in particular:

I project managed the innovation/prototyping stage of the first of these, focused on remote support for Universal Credit claimants. It originally consisted of a cohort of three charities plus two organisations we consulted. There was lots of user research.

(For various reasons, mainly around member availability, I put together a digital team through my limited company rather than We Are Open Co-op - which is why you’ll see reference to ‘Dynamic Skillset’)

If the UC one looks like something you’d be interested in going for, please check out the project blog. We worked openly during the entire 11-week (and extension) funding period, and there’s a comprehensive set of resources there to take forwards.

I’m keen to have a chat with anyone who might be in two minds about applying, because I really do want to see this work come to fruition. We’ve set aside budget to ensure handover between digital teams is seamless.

Deadline for both briefs is Friday 11th June 2021.

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I was thinking about this and the potentially duplicated efforts of different co-ops in CoTech bidding for the same project, in the future would we consider bidding as CoTech? Related: How do we promote "Cooperation Among Cooperatives" when our clients are putting us in competition?

I found this old thread from 2018 about marketing (bidding for projects as CoTech) and this stack of slides for marketing CoTech to clients, but I don’t know where those conversations went. I think that there was one project which some co-ops made a bid for as CoTech and otherwise haven’t done

Yes, so at the end of last year I facilitated some conversations that led to Outlandish and Agile going for (and getting) one Catalyst project. The difficulty with these things is that there needs to be a lead org, and the turnaround time from finding out you’ve been successful to starting it always tight.

What you’re saying totally makes sense though, @calummackervoy, and I’d love to think about how we could collaborate openly with an mindset of abundance rather than scarcity :slight_smile:

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