Ldp-display : open-source web components to easily build interoparable platforms


Hi @jdaviescoates,

I am quite ashamed to share this with you as it is still very early stage, and very poorly packaged and documented but, with no further ado :

The idea is to provide open-source web components based on the Linked Data standards released by the W3C to easily build interoparable platforms.

I’d be very happy to discuss this further as we perceive this as a key element not to re-centralize the way the Happy Dev network is organized while scaling to several thousand workers.

Making contact with other tech co-ops outside of the UK?

Components for digital co-operative infrastructure. Excellent.


You really shouldn’t be! In part because I don’t have the technical knowlegde to be able to tell the quality of what you’ve done! But also because I fully support your efforts either way :slight_smile:


@Graham, @jdaviescoates : Thank you for the kind words !


@alexbourlier it looks to me that your ldp-display post would make sense to be taken out of this thread and posted as a separate topic, would you like me to do that?

Great to see you using your own GitLab CE instance, a couple of the CoTech co-ops in the UK have their own GitLab CE instances and we have one here:


Hi @chris,

Yes if you believe this is appropriate, then I think it is a great idea :slight_smile:


Are you already plugged into the Open App Ecosystem conversations? See this Loomio group https://www.loomio.org/g/exAKrBUp/open-app-ecosystem


For good measure I’m going to post your links above in that group now :slight_smile:


Hi Josef,

We are in contact with Enspiral but I was not aware yet of this Open App Ecosystem initative.
I’ll dig into it, thank you for showing it to me.


Sadly it doesn’t really seem to be getting much/ any love/ leadership from within the Enspiral network these days, but still lots of good discussion and useful information shared there from time to time - I love to see more CoTech people active and engaged in such efforts.

I thought this early document was great at outlining the vision and goals (and I share it here as it sadly isn’t linked to from the Loomio and github pages):


Thank you so much for sharing this document.
The first page which details the vision is a total match as far as I am concerned.
We are fully in line with this vision of what the software we build should allow.

You made my day, there seems to be a global movement behind this