Let's do a Show&Tell

Hi Cotech friends!

Three weeks ago, we organized the first Show&Tell together with three other Cotech co-ops. The intention was to show how to develop a web-app in Python/Django, which through an API, communicates the back-end with the front-end made in ReactJS.

The application developed for that S&T shows the tour of our cooperative travel in the UK, and it was released for reuse in this public repository: https://github.com/fiqus/timeline

The app was also deployed in a subdomain of our cooperative site, to show it in action and with real trip information: https://uktrip2019.fiqus.coop/

The main goal of this kind of S&Ts is to build relationships between our tech co-ops by sharing a new technology, a developed app, a tech issue or any other matter that can be discussed with another tech co-op. Its duration is half an hour and in case there is a technical discussion it could be stretched to a maximum of 45 minutes - 1 hour.

We propose to do the next S&T on Friday July 26th at 3 PM (UTC) and we want to invite all tech co-ops to join.

It would be interesting if any other co-operative proposes a topic for discussion.

What do you think? Will you join us?

You can follow this post in ICA’s forum, to follow the organization and who is joining: https://patio.ica.coop/t/tech-co-ops-lets-do-a-show-tell/245

We are going to connect through Zoom, a platform for video calls. To download the client, you can do it from here: https://zoom.us/

Room ID: 762-819-755
Hours: 04:00 PM London (3pm UTC)

All the best!


Love the record of your trip!


Hi Nicolás,

I’ll be up for attending a show and tell at 4pm UK (3pm UTC) time on Friday. Unfortunately, I’m not going to have time to prepare anything to show before Friday.




Hi Stephen,

Thank you for answering, it’s great that you can participate.

The S&T will be held this Friday at the time you mentioned. On this occasion, as no one proposed to show something, one of the Fiqus developers applied to show two applications that we developed in Elixir, a functional programming language: https://patio.ica.coop/t/tech-co-ops-lets-do-a-show-tell/245/14

We hope to see you on Friday!

All the best,

Hi Nicolás,

I will be coming along to the Show & Tell this week. I won’t have time to share anything this week, but I would be interested in sharing some work that we’ve done as part of a EU funded Research Project called COLA which is about orchestrating containers and VMs based on application level scaling policies (in stead of resource based scaling policies).


I’ve offered we can do a little demo on AR Foundation if you find this relevant… Can do end of August but not in a hurry if @stephen and @matt are up for demoing the work. We could also all try squeezing into one S&T?

Hi @matt,

That’s great! We are very happy that you can join the S&T.

Regarding the project you’d like to show, I think it’s a good example to present in this kind of talk.

We have the idea of doing a talk during the last week of each month. The next talk would be at the end of August and @SzczepanOfAnimorph had applied to talk about AR.

I can imagine two options: 1) Maybe we could put the two talks together and make a S&T a little longer, since it’s only one per month I wouldn’t mind it being a little bit longer.
2) We could have a talk at the end of August and another one at the end of September.

In any case, I think it’ s very positive that we have so many candidates to give talks!

If you like, I can send both of you a private message to arrange the next S&T, so we can put together a proposal and then we can communicate it in another post. Or maybe better … we could also create a new post asking for ideas for S&T and make a plan together for the next ones.

What do you think? @matt @SzczepanOfAnimorph

Hi everybody,

Please remember that we are going to connect through Zoom, a platform for video calls. To download the client, you can do it from here: https://zoom.us/

Room ID: 762-819-755
Hours: 04:00 PM London (3pm UTC)

Please let me know if you have any problems trying to connect.

We look forward to seeing you.



Thanks to everyone who participated in the S&T today, the call was a success: We were 26 co-operators from 9 different cooperatives talking about technology.

I share with you some links with interesting information, related to what was shown during the talk.

Two web apps were shown by Diego, a member of Fiqus:

See you in the next S&T, during the last week of August.



I’d be happy to do a future S&T – the tool is actually a bit hacky, and mostly the result of repurposing a fork, but the underlying philosophy is quite comprehensive, and informed by my research and fellowship studying a civic tech community in Taiwan for the past few years. Relates to https://info.vtaiwan.tw, http://g0v.tw, and https://pol.is as technologies and approaches. Would be more about philosophy of applying technologies to processes, rather than the tech in the app itself. It represents my attempt to port a workshop format that I did with some people at RightsCon, but reproducing it’s benefits in a digital space.

Codebase: https://github.com/patcon/hyphacoop-collab-board

(I hacked it together awhile ago, but haven’t actually had the opportunity to test it within our nacent co-op – We’re a little too busy getting started, and so not looking to play with experimental things atm!)


Hi @patcon,

That sounds very interesting. We’d love to hear what you have to say. The idea of S&T is also to show things that have to do with technology, it doesn’t have to be to show an app necessarily.

In the future we could also talk about the internal organization of our cooperatives, marketing methods, etc.

We already have two applicants to give the next ones, so we can name you as the third one to present. In short we will send the agenda with the dates, topics and speakers of the next S&Ts.

Thanks @nicolasdimarco!

I’d love to be on the list, but also 100% happy to be bumped if someone from an equity-seeking group expresses interest. As a community organizer myself, I recognize the challenge of facilitating spaces when [white, western] men seem to disproportionately offer themselves into the collective attention <3