IT Network Coop-a-thon


As many of you know, we (FACTTIC) are participating of the IT Network of ACI.

The Global Conference ‘Cooperatives for development’ will be held in October (14-17), and we’ll send a representative from FACTTIC: @nicolasdimarco. In this event, it will be the first face-to-face meeting of the IT Network.

There’s a proposed activity, a virtual Coop-a-thon, to join the cooperatives IT needs, with cooperative providers. We don’t know yet how the activity would be, but I think that we can share some ideas about how to do it with them. Here’s the link in Patio:

I think that it’s a good oportunity to be known in the cooperative world as IT solutions providers, and also to explore strategies to create more and better tech-coops.

¿what do you think? :blush:


Hi! I leave here an update about this:

What types of challenges will we be solving?
Here are some of the challenges:

  • Facilitation of access to technology for coops in developing countries. Many members feel that they are being left behind because they do not have the funds to invest in technological solutions.
  • Access to technological know-how in developing countries. Many members find it challenging to provide up-to-date capacity building for staff.
  • Virtual decision-making and networking for coop members, which becomes more necessary as coops get bigger and bigger. How can this be done while keeping sense of ownership and democratic principles?
  • FinTech - how to scale up networks of ATM’s and other technological services.
  • How to enable the creation of platform coops through technology

It would be good if any of you have experience on this topics cuold participate,

best wishes!

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That looks good Neto, I look forward to following developments.

It seems that the actual challenge will be chosen on 15th October?

I don’t think I can offer anything to an international team, maybe help with text, or translation from Portuguese to English if necessary? But that’s not much, I can’t even offer to supply the team with coffee, because we are in different continents, sorry! :frowning:

Hi Jonathan!

I think the translations would be necessary, we don’t know yet which countries will participate…

We (me and @nicolasdimarco) are looking for to have a meeting with Gretchen from ICA, to ask some doubts and clarify how the process will be.
I’ll be back with more information when I have it :blush:

Update on this topic: We couldn’t meet with the organization of this event, in order clarify doubts and help in the organization. Last Tuesday we were informed that it was suspended, and there was no explanation about the reasons so far.

Oh. Sorry to hear that; hope you can talk to Gretchen for an update …

Yes, I assume that they’re very busy with the organization of the conference, and that is the reason of the lack of information

Neto, I developed an inter-cooperative process in which we might achieve something like this. It is what I sent it to you via e-mail a few weeks ago. What is the state of the coopathon? Maybe we can use it as a boilerplate. What do you think?

Let’s keep working on inter-cooperative ideas. :wink: