IT Network Coop-a-thon


As many of you know, we (FACTTIC) are participating of the IT Network of ACI.

The Global Conference ‘Cooperatives for development’ will be held in October (14-17), and we’ll send a representative from FACTTIC: @nicolasdimarco. In this event, it will be the first face-to-face meeting of the IT Network.

There’s a proposed activity, a virtual Coop-a-thon, to join the cooperatives IT needs, with cooperative providers. We don’t know yet how the activity would be, but I think that we can share some ideas about how to do it with them. Here’s the link in Patio:

I think that it’s a good oportunity to be known in the cooperative world as IT solutions providers, and also to explore strategies to create more and better tech-coops.

¿what do you think? :blush: