Hello from the Arava desert

Hello comrades,
As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, I’m a memeber of Sofi software and design cooperative.
I want to introduce to you another Israeli tech coop I’m volunteering in for the last few weeks.
CrystalVision is a coop that combines software and hardware for building integrated systems
using PLCs(Programmable Logic Controllers), and also dabbles in Copmuter Vision,
and building mechanical system for special purposes.
CrystalVision is located in the semi-anarchist Kibbutz Samar in the Arava desert, and is owned by the area’s Kibbutzim(plural).
The company operates for 40 years in the spirit of cooperation.
Among the projects its serving are researches dealing with environmental issues(e.g a Coral lab in the Red Sea),
Agricultural research and systems, and industrial apllications.
For more details, see the website at: https://www.crystalvision.co.il

Currently I’m living in one cooperative, volunteering in another and also work in a cooperative,
So I must be a pretty cooperative person :slight_smile: It’s a cool experience.

You’re welcome to contact us to talk about anything

And lastly I must add a few images of the scenery arround the office

Edom Mountains (behind a lysimeter and other random stuff)

Solar Power Plant(defunct) + A Giant Parabolic Mirror and a geodesic something