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Hi all!

I’m David Jacovkis, I do systems engineering, project coordination and a bunch of other things at femProcomuns, a workers’ and users’ cooperative based in Barcelona that aims to strengthen the commons ecosystem, specially in digital spaces.

Our organisation is based on the principles of open cooperativism, community self-management, human, ecological, economic sustainability, shared knowledge and replicability.

We’re always open to cooperation with similar minded communities. Some of you already know us from meet.coop and other initiatives where we participate. We have other projects that people here might find interesting:

  • CommonsCloud - A collection of services for online collaboration, based on Free and Open Source Software and governed by its users.
  • Teixidora - A semantic wiki that enables collaborative note taking and mapping of events, projects and actors.
  • La Comunificadora - An incubation programme to develop, support and strengthen solidarity economy projects.



Welcome to the forum @dvdjaco I’ve added you to the sister co-operatives group so you now have a higher trust level and can add back the links you had to remove.

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Thanks! I don’t know why I didn’t join this forum until now, there always seems to be 100s of other things to do :sweat_smile:


Welcome :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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Nice to meet you David. Your work sounds very interesting, would love to learn more about La Comunificadora. I may have missed the registration period, is there any way to audit parts of the program? And is it conducted in English?

A little about me:

Nice to meet you too! La Comunificadora was conceived as a local project for the Barcelona city council, so all materials and live sessions are in Catalan. However everything is under CC-by-sa license, and we would love to see the programme or parts of it translated and adapted elsewhere.

Here’s some more info in English about La Comunificadora and the Transitioning Cooperative Activity Group at femProcomuns. You may also like The Commons Economy Card Game.

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When trying to download those, the CommonsCloud reports not having found them.

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Oooops! Fixed the links, thanks for the heads up!

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