Google Analytics Drop-in Clinic - 10 Dec

Hi everyone,

Just a note to say I’m going to be running an all-welcome drop-in clinic for Google Analytics on 10 December at Space4 in Finsbury Park. Because I love it :smiley:

Come with your questions! And feel free to share this with your clients too.

More details and register here:

All the best
Richard @ Outlandish

Have you considered Matamo? Google’s massive data profile is dangerous - why give them yet more data to work with and your free labor?


We provide a Matomo account with all our shared web hosting accounts (in order to reduce the temptation for clients to use GA) and for automated WordPress installs we add and configure the Matomo plugin which enables the viewing of stats from within the WordPress admin interface and all this is done using a rather extensive Ansible role:

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Matomo is really good and provides similar function to GA but it’s primary purpose is to serve the site owner with Analytics data, whereas the primary purpose of GA is to snoop on visitors and track them across the internet for marketing (or worse).

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