Managing Matomo, a Google Analytics self-hosted alternative, using Ansible

Wow - this is great and something I’ve been looking for. Just to be sure: you have a single matamo instance and these ansible scripts automate the process of adding user/web site combinations to your one, single instance?

It would be nice if matamo had better support for a multi-tenancy installation, but your ansible scripts seem to handle the absence of this functionality quite nicely

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We have one Matomo instance per shared server and all the users accounts on the shared server get Matomo accounts and all the Apache VirtualHosts get added as sites, the (rather large) role adding the users account is here:

See the Matomo tasks:

This is a repo that pulls all the roles together:

The intention with the Matomo role is for it to be usable without all the other roles, it depends a lot on these two plugins:

The Matomo role can also be used to upgrade Matomo servers, which is handy when you have a lot of them :slight_smile: .

We should probably split the Matomo posts off this thread?


Hey! this really got my attention! Matomo is something we’ve been always interested in at We’ll surely take a look at that role. Thanks for sharing!

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We’re also using Matomo. It’s awesome!

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So do we!
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