Fairmondo UK next steps

Hi all,

Can I please connect with the Fairmondo UK people please? Who are they? Tried to get info via Fairmondo.de but no luck so far.

I notice theFairmond.de site is up and running and with free software so can’t we just clone that site?

So many questions. :smiley:

David, Crystalisr.

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@Bob is your man.

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However @Bob has a user account here with an email address on the fairmondo.uk domain and that domain has no MX records so that method probably can’t be reliably used to contact him, you could try Twitter :man_shrugging:.


Thanks @chris, I’ll try Twitter.

I met them at one of the platform coop conferences (can’t remember which) and offered to help afterwards, talked to a guy called Jack. Then didn’t hear anything. In 2017 I did an install of the software on AWS (ugh!), at that stage pretty clunky and bits still in German.

I’m still interested in the idea, perhaps for ‘hyperlocal ebays’ so I’ll keep in touch with the topic

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Hi @hughbarnard,

Thanks for that response.

Can I have a quick call with you then please as you seem to be closer to this? Could you drop me a line on david@mapleworks.co.uk or call 07790 511 256. Thanks Hugh!

Best, David

Hi @hughbarnard It’s looking like fairmondo.de has died a death as well! Site won’t load. A bit of a disaster in the run up to Christmas. A technical issue? Or perhaps they just decided to wind down.

There’s still a Twitter account, maybe ping them there? Best regards Hugh