Facilitating at Wortley Hall in 2018


It sounds like a great idea to me Liam. I think the reason that nothing has been organised so far this year is the amount of time it takes to organise in general. If you and some other folks have the time to get something organised it sounds like a brilliant idea to run it up in Manchester.

@aaron, @polly, @laura and I had a bit of think about what we’d keep the same and change based on our experience of organising and attending last year so if you fancy a chat about anything I’d be happy to.

There’s also the post Wortley-Hall survey responses that are really useful reading.


Thanks for looking into this, Liam, it’ll be interesting to hear whether Federation House is a goer. We also have Space4 as a great option, but the thinking is if Manchester is possible, it might make it more feasible for northern coops to come.
It will be pretty different from Wortley Hall, though, as there’ll be no accommodation and we’ll be in a city plus I guess it may be a bit shorter.


Hey Liam,

Did you manage to find out anything about Fed House?




Just to say, on occasion I’ve managed to negotiate crash space at the lovely Equinox Housing Co-op in Manchester.

Quick video tour I made back then here:

Although granted that maybe because I’m kinda sorta an honorary member of Radical Routes (the awesome network of co-op of which Equinox is a member)…


Hey everyone,

For now I’m going to concentrate my efforts on organising an event here at Space4 in the autumn. We have Space4 as a great resource that ought to be serving the CoTech network and this seems to be a good opportunity for it to do so.

If there are people keen to organise and attend an event up North that’s great - it could even be simultaneous and we could link up digitally. Here at Outlandish we certainly don’t want CoTech to be too London-centric so we’d love to see something happening elsewhere, but at the moment this seems like the best way for us (Outlandish) to make the most of the resources we can currently put aside.

To get the ball rolling, I’ve devised a short questionnaire. If you could fill this out it will really help me to start planning the event. Please see the link here https://goo.gl/forms/lschiWWaj6EKuYdw1

Please fill out asap and get in touch here or via polly@outlandish.com if you would like to discuss/contribute.



CoTech Conference 2018 Survey

Hi all,

Apologies for the delay, I have contacts for federation house now, I’ll be making further enquiries this week, in regards to what people wish to discuss could you pop down your ideas and thoughts here?




I’d be interested in discussing co-operative hosting, can we progress the idea of a minimal viable co-operative alternative to AWS?

And also can we do some collective bids for work? We are short of sysadmin/devops work and could also do with more hosting work.

I’d also suggest that what we discuss could partly be worked out in advance and partly on the day(s), depending on who is there and what they want to discuss / work on.


Thanks @Chris sounds great, would you be free in the next couple of weeks to meet up and we could restart discussions?

Thanks Liam


I’m not available until September I’m afraid, but could have a chat on the phone this week if you want, message me for my mobile number if you don’t have it (or get it from the CoTech Nextcloud shared address book!).


Nice one @polly I’ve completing now. BTW, I think you should make the “What ‘hack’ would you like to work on while you’re at the event?” question multiple choice so people can choose more than one option :slight_smile:


In case you bring multiple of yourself to the event? :rofl:

I think the plan is for people to get stuck in a really work on something to the point that it’s launchable cf. last Wortley Hall which was about people dipping in and out of sessions.

We can make an ‘open spaces’ hack space for people who would rather discuss a whole gamut of things but we’re keen to keep at least some of the tasks focussed.


So all ‘hacks’ will be running concurrently? I figured the primary purpose of the question at this stage was to gauge level of interest? (as opposed to people actually signing up for confirmed ‘hacks’) :slight_smile:


Fair point :slight_smile:

I think the idea is that we’re forming into teams now so that we’re rabidly excited/prepared when the flag goes up