CoTech Conference 2018 Survey

Reposting from: Facilitating at Wortley Hall in 2018

Hey everyone,

For now I’m going to concentrate my efforts on organising an event here at Space4 in the autumn. We have Space4 as a great resource that ought to be serving the CoTech network and this seems to be a good opportunity for it to do so.

If there are people keen to organise and attend an event up North that’s great - it could even be simultaneous and we could link up digitally. Here at Outlandish we certainly don’t want CoTech to be too London-centric so we’d love to see something happening elsewhere, but at the moment this seems like the best way for us (Outlandish) to make the most of the resources we can currently put aside.

To get the ball rolling, I’ve devised a short questionnaire. If you could fill this out it will really help me to start planning the event. Please see the link here 3

Please fill out asap and get in touch here or via if you would like to discuss/contribute.



It’s really important that all co-ops interested in attending fill out this form so that we can plan the schedule. Could we send out an email to all cotech co-ops?

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