Expedition to the UK :)


Hi everyone!

Last month we received in Buenos Aires the visit of @Kayleigh from Outlandish, and we talk about the idea of collaboration projects, inter-cooperative jobs, and a lot of things. We found that we have a lot of things in common, and also different realities.

From FACTTIC, we’re in touch with tech coops from Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela and USA, and we think that a global network of tech coops it’s a good idea.

To accomplish this, we think that nothing is better than meeting in person, that’s why we’re planning travel to UK in April’s last week.

@nicolasdimarco from Fiqus and I from Cambá want to know as many coops as possible, so… ¿who are available to meet with us? :smiley:


We are! Really looking forward to seeing you again.

To the rest of the CoTech crew, it was brilliant meeting Neto and @nicolasdimarco…also kind of strange because I thought I’d walked into a parallel universe. We’re very similar in lots of ways and I think there’s a lot we can learn from each other. Plus, they’re really nice to hang out with :smiley:


You will be here for Thursday 25th and Friday 26th April 2019? If so you will have to come to Sheffield to meet us all at the gathering that is planned :slight_smile:.


@Neto @nicolasdimarco I would be very happy to meet you if you come to London.


Hello everyone!

Yes, the idea would be to travel to London in the last two weeks of April.

To continue planning the trip we want to make sure you have time to share with us. We are willing to travel to other co-operatives that are not in London as well, so in the meantime we take the opportunity to get to know your country.

We are very happy with the idea of being able to travel to meet as many CoTech co-operatives as possible! So we look forward to hearing if you have time to spend with us :slightly_smiling_face:


sounds great! I think we’ll be there!


So far we have London and Sheffield, is there any other coop that are interested in strengthening international links? It will be good to us to resolve this in the next days, so we can prepare our travel and organize our work in our cooperatives.

Also, we’ll appreciate info about accomodation and possibilities of couchsurfing or “coopsurfing” (if this exists :stuck_out_tongue: )



We have good news! We’ve decide to travel on April’s 15th (aprox), today we’ll get our tickets, so we’ll see you soon :smiley:

Thank you all for the welcome and we have to prepare this to be useful for everyone… let’s keep talking and thinking what activities we can do!