Facttic May 2019 Gathering


I just want to share that we made our FACTTIC Gathering last Friday, and we talk a lot about CoTech and our experience visiting uk.

One thing that the folks of FACTTIC said is: “You have to invite them to come to Argentina, we can do the same, show them places, give accommodation and space for work in our offices” … so, you’re invited :blush:

We also talk about to continue the development of our inter-cooperation space (FIT), gender issues in the tech industry, public policy (we have an ten items document with proposals), youth and the benefits of being a member of the federation. At the end, we started to organize our next two days gathering in December, like yours in Sheffield, and we took the idea of work groups about different issues… :blush:



I really hope some CoTech co-operators do manage a trip to Argentina at some point, I think it would be really valuable, I read this article on the economic situation you are facing the other day and hope you are doing alright:

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thanks @chris :blush:

we have a chance to take out this people from the government in the next elections in October. The previous political force has a chance to return, in my personal opinion, it’s not the best option (it’s a complex debate, I don’t believe that our democratic system have a “good” option) but it’s far better than this.

In any case, we are going to be conditioned by the debt and the FMI, no matter which party wins. But, in our crisis in 2001, we had a lot of social organizations working together and it’s happening now again… that’s why we are convinced in create a new economy with other values, people’s well-being, and that’s why we’re working a lot building FACTTIC and working with other social economy entities.