CoTech Website improvement session at the gathering


Hi folks!

At the CoTech Space4 gathering on 29th-30th November I’ll be helping to organise a practical session to make improvements to the CoTech website. I think we can have people hacking on the code itself, or working on the content. Perhaps we want to move some of the wiki content to the main site? I’d also like us to run a “drop-in” service to get any CoTech members who’d like to contribute to the site set up with accounts, passwords and any help they need.

We’ll all make this session what it is - so I’d like to hear any suggestions and from anyone who’d like to participate in the session. What do you think we should do? What needs improving? Go!


Hey Chris,
I’ll be up for joining you on this, maybe not for the full two days, but certainly a morning or afternoon. I have nothing specific right now but will review the site ahead of time and have a think.


Yeah Chris! CONTENTIOUS SUGGESTION ALERT: As someone who has made quite a bit of effort to maintain/fix/improve the website as it is. Here’s my suggestion: Ditch the Wordpress! It’s been said before, it’s been tried before! Is there any motivation to revisit this discussion?!


I’d like to help too. I have an interest in developing an enquiry form or something to channel sales enquiries more effectively. Also, explore the usefulness of news/events section.


My own feeling is that moving to a static site would make it much easier to maintain and develop. If anyone’s interested in that idea there’s the work Go Free Range did to port the existing site over to Jekyll last year. I don’t think the site has changed too much in the interim and there’s a TODO list in that repo with some more context, so it is something that could be revisited.


I think this would probably be true for people doing development on the site, however, what is working really well at the moment is the updating of the content — as far as I’m aware we have had almost no problems with people adding their co-ops and services and clients to the site and I think that switching to a static site generator would make it harder for people adding content and for that reason I’d be reluctant to support a move to a static site generator.

It is probably worth pointing out that there are a lot of outstanding issues on GitHub and we haven’t managed to update WordPress for about six months, so there is that…


When we did the spike on using a static site, we also enabled siteleaf which provides a friendly web interface for adding and editing content. Additionally, Gitlab also allows content in the repo to be edited through the website.

I don’t think the ease-of-use concerns are insumountable and we’re working with a slightly more tech-savvy user base given the nature of CoTech.